No Difference at All Between the Media and the Democrats

The mainstream media, in its coverage of the Trump administration, the Mueller investigation, and the Republican attempts to repeal and replace Obamacare, abandoned even the tiniest shell of objectivity that remained in the wake of the 2016 election. But even with the media throwing in the towel on unbiased, responsible journalism, we have still been shocked and ashamed of the lies that have been recklessly thrown around when it comes to the Republican tax cut bill. In their coverage of this legislation and what it means for the American people, the media isn’t just cheerleading for the Democratic Party, they have BECOME the Democratic Party.

For the past month, the media has made it sound as though the GOP was getting ready to screw the American public in a way that would destroy the economy for a generation or more. The middle class, they’re telling us, is about to get it right in the ass so that Republicans can give a bunch of tax breaks to the richest 1% in the country. Desperate to pass something – ANYTHING – in the wake of their Obamacare failure, the Republicans have turned on their voters with a brazen bill meant to satisfy their biggest donors and line their own pockets with enough cash for a cushy retirement. What a bunch of crooks and thieves!

But none of this passes even the simplest fact check.

We won’t pretend like this tax bill is perfect; it isn’t. It is disturbing to see how much money it will add to the national debt over time, the removal of the state and local tax deductions is cause for some concern, and it’s clearly not the “simplification” that was promised at the outset of deliberations. We’re also puzzled over the way this was jammed through Congress without any semblance of rational debate; maybe Democrats were a no-go from the beginning, but couldn’t Republicans have even TRIED to reach across the aisle on this one? Just to say they did it?

Nonetheless, these are relatively minor points of concern when compared to the overwhelming propaganda that has been thrown at this bill from what Steve Bannon rightly calls the Opposition Party – the mainstream, legacy media. To hear them tell the tale, this is the worst piece of legislation to hit Capitol Hill since the Fugitive Slave Act. In fact, we’re pretty sure we saw that exact headline from one hysterical news outlet or another. And the biggest lie they keep hammering is how the middle class is about to get crushed under the boot of so-called Washington conservatives.

So let’s go to the numbers.

Say what you will about our progressive tax system, which puts the largest burden on the richest Americans, the Republican tax scheme is going to increase that burden – not lighten it. The final version of the bill cuts taxes considerably for middle earners and puts more of the income tax burden on the highest earners – exactly the opposite of what liberals are saying about the bill.

In the meantime, to get those potent headlines, the liberal media is looking forward to 2027, when the cuts are set to expire. And yes, if nothing changes in the next decade, that WILL mean a cut for the rich and a hike for the middle class. But if this was a Democrat scheme, the media would never, ever, ever report it this way. The Democrats, unlike the Republicans, would be taken at their word and believed when they insisted that the tax cuts would be renewed long before that time. But since these are evil conservatives (who apparently don’t have to fear elections?), they are certain to screw their own voters.

It’s preposterous. Worse, it leaves many Americans clueless about the true nature of this tax bill and skeptical about much of the criticism – some of which is actually valid. But when everything is treated as THE WORST THING EVER by the Opposition Party, the more reasonable critiques of the bill get lost in a flood of nonsense.

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