NPR/Marist Poll: Voters Not Excited About Progressive Policies

The 2020 Democratic presidential field is comprised of candidates who are tripping over themselves in a race to the left. Once dominated by Bernie Sanders, this progressive grass is being trampled this year by everyone from Kamala Harris to Bill de Blasio to Elizabeth Warren. Even Joe Biden, who is trying to be the “moderate” alternative to the packed crowd, has felt himself magnetically drawn to the progressive policy field by a rabid base and their loud contingent on social media. The only problem? A new poll shows that some of the Democratic field’s most prominent left-wing policy ideas are deeply unpopular with American voters.

According to that poll, conducted by NPR/PBS/Marist, voters are particularly unenthusiastic about the following left-wing policy ideas, all of which have been espoused by at least one 2020 Democrat:

  • Universal basic income, championed by third-stringer Andrew Yang: 26% of voters approve.
  • Slavery reparations, championed by plenty on the debate stage: 27% approve.
  • Decriminalizing the border, which has been pushed by most of the major candidates: 27% approve.
  • Providing taxpayer-funded health insurance to illegals, which all the major candidates endorse: 33% approve.
  • Getting rid of private health insurance in favor of Medicare for all: Only 41% approve.
  • Abolishing the Electoral College: Only 42% approve.

This is where the Democratic Party is going far afield of the American cultural temperature, and it is only going to get worse as the primary season continues. So desperate to get good press in the liberal blogosphere and to avoid letting any other candidate get to the left of them, these contenders are going to be driven so far into radical territory that there won’t be any coming back for the general election.

Trump, in a stroke of genius, is helping them right along.

The media insists that the president is dividing the country along racial lines, but the truth is that he’s dividing America along the lines of patriots and those that loathe the U.S. And that’s a division that he’s going to win all day long and twice on Election Day. His “go back” tweet had nothing to do with the color of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s skin. It had barely anything to do with Ilhan Omar’s refugee status. It had everything to do with the sickening, disgusting ideology that is at the heart of the Squad’s philosophy. It’s an ideology that most Americans want nothing to do with. And the more the Democratic Party fails to isolate and distance itself from these four congresswomen, the more the general public will see them as two sides of the same coin.

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