NY Times Worries Wall May Not Come Down Under Biden Presidency

While the media often likes to pretend otherwise, the truth is that Trump did indeed “build the wall.” He built more than 400 miles of new barriers across the Mexican border, in fact, and that construction continues to this day. In fact, it’s going more quickly than ever. Knowing that Joe Biden may put a halt to any further construction when he arrives in office, crews have doubled their pace, hoping to finish what they started and make good on Trump’s promise to deliver 450 miles of new wall by the end of his first term. And, in a new story published this weekend, the New York Times let their readers know they should be worried: The wall is probably not going to come down once Biden assumes the presidency.

“The breakneck pace at which construction is continuing all but assures that the wall, whatever Mr. Biden decides to do, is here to stay for the foreseeable future, establishing a contentious legacy for Mr. Trump in places that were crucial to his defeat,” the Times grumbled.

For the remainder of the 2,000-word article, the Times interviews border ranchers, nature enthusiasts, and others who oppose the wall (and, to their credit, one or two who actually support it), and they find countless ways to explain to readers why it’s such a terrible thing for our country.

Among their arguments:

– “Wildlife corridors, the archaeology and history, that’s all being blasted to oblivion or destroyed already,” said Bill McDonald, 68, a fifth-generation cattleman and former lifelong Republican who voted for Mr. Biden. “Tragedy is the word I use to describe it.”

– Some of the costliest and most invasive construction is unfolding this month in Guadalupe Canyon, an oasis-like habitat for rare species of birds like the buff-collared nightjar and tropical kingbird.

 – Ranchers in the area say illegal crossings by migrants were extraordinarily infrequent.

As we said, though, the paper did manage to find some people supporting the wall. Here’s how they portrayed one of them:

Another outspoken wall supporter is Belva Klump, 83, whose family has ranched in Arizona’s borderlands for generations.

“All I can say about the wall is that I’d like to see more of it,” Ms. Klump said. When asked to expand on what she meant, Ms. Klump used a slur to refer to people who cross the border with Mexico without authorization.

“That’s what the wall is good for,” she said.

We can only imagine that the “slur” Ms. Klump used was “illegals.” We didn’t know that was such a terrible word that the New York Times considers it unprintable, but there you have it. We guess it’s one of those words only used by old, racist white ladies in the Arizona borderlands – never, ever by the erudite liberals who consume the Times.

It’s good to see, though, that the Times is preparing Liberal Nation for the fact that Biden isn’t going to spend another $50 million just to undo Trump’s border wall. It’s a tough break for the buff-collared nightjar, we suppose, but then – they’re not much of a voting constituency. Although, given enough time, Democrats may find a way…

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