Obama: I’ll Keep Quiet After Leaving White House

In an interview with CNN’s David Axelrod, President Obama said he would take some time out of the spotlight after leaving office in January. Axelrod, his former campaign strategist, reminded him that he had often spoken highly of George W. Bush for having the decency to step aside and allow him the space to be his own president. He then asked him if he could do the same for Donald Trump, seeing as how “people are looking to [him] to be the point of the spear in the resistance.”

Obama said he was not interested in jumping right back into the fray.

“Well, I think my intentions on January 21st is to sleep, take my wife on a nice vacation – and she has said it better be nice – because she’s earned it,” he said.

Right, if there’s one thing the Obamas haven’t had in a long time, it’s a really nice vacation.

On an unrelated note, where are they right now? Oh…

Obama said he was going to start writing a book and stay out of the spotlight for a while.

“I have to be quiet for a while,” he said. “I don’t mean politically, I mean internally. I have to still myself. […] You just have to get back in tune with your center and process what’s happened before you make a bunch of good decisions.”

Ah, has that been the problem this whole time? Obama never stilled himself and was therefore unable to make any good decisions? Interesting. That explains a lot. Maybe the guy has just been jonesing for a cigarette for the last six years or so. A secret pack of menthols might have helped…

In any case, does anyone believe that Obama is just going to ride off into the sunset like Bush did? No chance in hell. He’s not staying in Washington, D.C. just so his daughter can finish up high school. He’s sticking around so he can put his face in front of a TV camera every time President Trump does something he disagrees with…which will hopefully be often.

As he admitted elsewhere in the same interview, he thinks he could have easily beaten Trump if he’d been able to run for a third term. If that’s his mentality, then he’s going to keep seeing himself as the “real president” throughout the next four years. The guy America wishes was still in the White House. That’s how tightly sealed Obama’s bubble is.

As of January 20th, Barack Obama will have no more power to destroy the country. But he’ll still have plenty of power to annoy those of us who wish he would just go away.


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