Obamacare to Hit Taxpayers Hard This Year

By the time April 15th rolls around, millions of Americans will be hit by exorbitant tax fines for failing to buy unaffordable health insurance plans. As a result of Obamacare, many will realize for the first time just how devastating the financial toll will be. Many will understand in a new way just what the word “mandate” really means.

For several years, Americans have been able to squeak by without really feeling the pain of the individual mandate. Even last year, when the tax penalties went into effect, the fine was small and manageable. No doubt, there were some who had a bad moment when they realized they owed money, but not like this year. For those who were not covered in 2015, the penalty for non-compliance will be $325 per adult. For someone making a decent living, it’s chicken-feed. For someone who is struggling to make ends meet, the idea of coming up with an extra 300 bucks on the spot is as laughable as buying a private jet.

The logic behind the mandate was that it was the only way to bring insurance costs down. Unfortunately, that really hasn’t happened. Obama’s “Affordable” Care Act has been anything but. Health insurance companies, hit hard by lower-than-expected enrollment rates, have been forced to hike premiums over the last two years. One study noted that employer-sponsored health plans have risen in cost at a faster pace since the ACA went into effect.

Next year, it gets worse. The tax penalty for uninsured individuals will rise to $695 per adult.

Obama has created a system of laws that punish Americans for not having enough money. People do not forgo health insurance because they think it’s superfluous or a waste of money. They remain uninsured because they don’t have the money to buy it. Obama’s approach to this conundrum has been to say, “Well, that’s too bad. Buy it or give the government the money. That’s your choice.”

Sure, there are subsidies meant to help the poor, but those don’t help families and individuals who struggle without lapsing into abject poverty.

Obamacare is not only morally wrong, it is unsustainable. There will come a breaking point, and every Democrat in Washington knows it. When we reach it, liberals will start pushing hard for what they wanted in the first place: Free universal healthcare. They want to remake America in the image of our European counterparts, and millennials are completely on board with that goal.

None of them appear to care or understand that America is not Sweden. It’s not Canada. There are specific things that have made us the most powerful country on the planet, and we risk losing that status if we head down the path to socialism. For liberals, that’s just fine. That’s what they want. But for anyone who believes this country is special – that our interlocking system of democracy, freedom, and capitalism has created the pinnacle of human civilization – the way forward is shrouded in darkness.

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