Pelosi: We Promise to Raise Your Taxes if You Vote Us Back Into Power!

The Democratic Party thrives by catering to a combination of voters who either don’t pay taxes because they get all of their money from the public safety net or don’t pay taxes because they’re rich enough to find ways around the IRS. Oh, and then there are the remaining voters who are just too dumb or self-loathing to vote for people who actually represent their interests. But this is the Democrat coalition, and it is to them that House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi was speaking to this week when she promised to repeal the wildly successful GOP tax cuts if voters put them back in power this November.

“So then they say, well, we have to make cuts because we’ve increased the debt,” Pelosi said of the Republican tax cut bill on Tuesday. “So we’re going to take $1 trillion out of Medicaid. Isn’t that obscene? A half a trillion dollars out of Medicare … they had said in their budget that Medicare should eliminate the guarantee, and instead the voucher, then they go on to take a couple hundred billion dollars from food stamps. $100 billion from education, hurting our children and the future.”

Now, we have to clean up this transcript a little because it’s Pelosi and she has a tendency to just ramble nonsensically. So we’ll spare you her thoughts on Pope Benedict and Saint Augustine and how these religious leaders somehow called on America to pass a budget that represents justice 1700 years ago.

“What is important to us as a nation should be how we invest in our children’s future, in the retirement of her seniors, in the air our kids breathe, the opportunities in the economy and the rest, be fair, fairness,” Pelosi said. “That’s not what this budget — it’s a shame. It’s wrong. It’s wrong and we just, we cannot let it stand. We won’t let it stand. So thank you all very much for making sure it doesn’t stand, not only that the tax cut doesn’t stand but also the budget that they have proposed that is so lacking in values.”

So the gist of it is this: The Republican budget is cutting entitlements – the ONLY way we’re ever going to start chipping away at the national debt – and that’s wrong because America is the place where everything should be free. And since no one needs a job in a country where everything’s free, the GOP tax cuts that will create more than a million new jobs over the next decade…well, they just don’t matter to the Democrats. The rich Democrats don’t need a job, the middle class Democrats are assured work through their unions, and the rest of them are like, “A job? What the hell’s a job?”

In any event, if you want to see our economy spiral back to the Obama years, make sure you vote these wily Democrats back into power. How they’re going to pay for their precious entitlements when they drive every American company offshore, though, remains to be seen.

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