Pete Buttigieg: Amy Coney Barrett Could Destroy My Gay Marriage

In a sea of hysterical pronouncements about Supreme Court nominee Amy Coney Barrett, it’s easy for one or two of them to slip through the cracks. After all, in the past month we’ve been told that Barrett belongs to a cult that inspired the book/series “The Handmaid’s Tale,” that it is suddenly bigotry to use the term “sexual preference,” and we’ve even had at least one Democrat suggest, without any evidence whatsoever, that Barrett might have sexually assaulted someone.

Even in this environment, though, former presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg managed to stand out by turning his opposition to Barrett’s nomination into a personal matter. Buttigieg, who is famously married to a gay man, told Fox News host Chris Wallace this weekend that his very family could be endangered by Barrett’s confirmation to the Supreme Court.

“There are all kinds of interesting questions about the future of the American judiciary, but right now, as we speak, the preexisting condition coverage of millions of Americans might depend on what is about to happen in the Senate with regard to this justice,” Buttigieg said. “My marriage might depend on what is about to happen in the Senate with regard to this justice. So many issues are on the line.”

Should we take the time to note that nothing Barrett has said or done indicates that she would vote to reverse the Obergefell gay marriage decision, or can we just assume that you knew that already? As for the Affordable Care Act, the Supreme Court will determine whether or not that law is constitutional this year, but that determination will be based on the law, not on Barrett’s…hatred of healthcare? We’re not even sure what Democrats are getting at with this particular attack.

Wallace asked Buttigieg if he would support expanding the size of the Supreme Court if Barrett is confirmed, but Mayor Pete avoided the question like most other Democrats.

“You know, this current president and his supporters, they have a remarkable gift for changing the subject,” Buttigieg said. “We’re not going to let them because we know that the American people are with us on this issue.”

It doesn’t matter, Pete. Barrett will be confirmed. And while we’re pretty sure that your little gay marriage will be safe, the Democrats are going to have to reckon with a Supreme Court that follows the Constitution and not the whims of the culture. We’d say it’s very much relevant whether or not Democrats will abide by that scenario or turn the Judicial Branch upside down with court packing.

It certainly is interesting how so few of you on that side of the aisle will answer that simple question.

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