Police Union President Warns: “NYPD is Losing the City of New York”

In an appearance with Fox News’s Laura Ingraham on Tuesday night, New York Sergeants Benevolent Association President Ed Mullins warned that the situation in New York City is worsening amidst the rioting, looting, and violence that has replaced the original George Floyd protests. Mullins called on New York Mayor Bill de Blasio and Gov. Andrew Cuomo to call on federal reinforcements to restore order to the streets before things deteriorated beyond control.

“NYPD is losing the city of New York and we have no leadership in the city of New York right now, from City Hall to the brass of the NYPD,”  Mullins said. “The men and women are being pelted with rocks, bricks, cars are lit on fire. And this is continuous. We have a curfew that’s been implemented tonight at eight o’clock and everyone is still out rioting in the streets in New York.

“President Trump is watching it. I am asking the president to please, please immediately send federal personnel to New York City and monitor what is going on,” Mullins continued. “If Governor Cuomo does not implement the National Guard immediately, then the federal government is going to have to step in.”

Mullins said the chaos could not be laid at the feet of the NYPD; their ranks were being hamstrung by the (Democrat) politicians in high places.

“Our hands are being tied,” Mullins said. “The rank and file members of all ranks have sent me numerous emails, letters, text messages, photos of New York City being destroyed. We have no leadership coming from City Hall. We are being told to stand down.

“Mayor de Blasio is not allowing the NYPD to do their job,” he continued. “The commissioner, the chiefs of the NYPD are too afraid to let the men and women keep control of the city. History has shown that you must enforce the laws.”

Mullins’ message was echoed by former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani, who said Tuesday that what was going on in his hometown was a disgrace.

“The de Blasio/Cuomo problem is a special problem. And they hate each other,” Giuliani said. “And frankly de Blasio is completely incompetent. And the governor really in good conscience should replace him. He is the sole reason the New York City Police Department is not acting.

“De Blasio over the last three or four or five nights calls individual police chiefs and tells them not to enforce the law and not to make arrests, it goes around the police commissioner and does that. It’s outrageous,” he said.

It has been pathetic, sad, and frightening to watch Democrat leaders let these rioters run wild. This is political correctness taken to the point of suicide. The word “shame” doesn’t even begin to cover it.

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