Poll: 71% of D.C. Police Preparing to Change Jobs Amid Policy Changes

Reflecting what is undoubtedly (if largely unreported) a nationwide sentiment among cops, a new poll from the Washington D.C. Police Union shows that 71% of officers in the U.S. capital are seriously thinking about finding a new place to ply their trade.

Spurred to action by a new emergency bill passed by city officials, which will mean significant changes to the way police officers are permitted to carry out their duties, the poll also noted that 39% of respondents are thinking about getting out of law enforcement altogether.

“Many of our members have voiced that that Bill eliminates collective bargaining rights for employees, it makes it exceedingly more difficult to charge a suspect with assaulting a police officer, it changes body worn camera policy in such a way that it can no longer be used as an evidence collection tool, and it changes the language in use of force policy in the most utterly confusing way that even the Councilmembers could not figure out the intent or the impact of the language,” said D.C. Police Union Chairman Gregg Pemberton.

In a statement accompanying the poll, the Union wrote: “The [Metropolitan Police Department] MPD has been at the forefront of police reform for 20 years, Problems that exist in other cities do not exist here. The language in the emergency legislation completely degrades the rights and working conditions afforded to police officers in this city. This legislation will cause an exodus of our best police officers and make hiring and retaining qualified employees next to impossible.”

Yeah, it’s only a matter of time before this becomes a major story throughout the nation. Well, we take that back, because it’s unclear whether or not the mainstream media is going to report on this inevitable backlash. They seem to be committed to the idea that no matter what the BLM folks do – be it spreading the coronavirus recklessly, burning down cities, or taking over downtown Seattle – it’s perfectly fine and cannot be criticized. So, if they ever do touch this “police are leaving en masse” story, they’ll probably do it from the perspective that these were all racist murderers who are now mad that they can’t kill black people with impunity.

But the news coverage of the disgruntled officers will not change the end result. That being that our police forces will deteriorate in the face of this massive anti-cop movement, and that good police officers will give way to bad ones. The only possible outcome to a “defund the police” agenda is that we will make the police situation in America – whatever it is right now – much, much worse.

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