Professor: America’s Police Descend From Slave Enforcers

The verdict came in Monday morning, and the news networks were just itching to show Baltimore once again in the throes of violent rioting. It was the first verdict rendered in the Freddie Gray murder trials – Officer Edward Nero found not guilty on all counts.

Sadly for the cable shows, there was no immediate reaction from the Baltimore community. But that didn’t prevent MSNBC from finding a liberal academic who could break open old wounds.

Dr. Lawrence Brown of Morgan State University appeared on camera to speak out against the verdict, the system, and the very foundation of American law enforcement.

“You mentioned that there was an African-American judge,” Brown said, eager to dispel any evidence of a just verdict. “We have a black mayor. We had a black policeman. But American policing was founded on slave patrols. This system of policing has been always exacting disproportionate violence against African-Americans, throughout the history of this country.”

Uh-huh. So blacks in police work and the court system are pitted against blacks? The rabbit hole never ends!

When host Tamron Hall challenged the idea that this was part of a “systemic conspiracy that also involves African-American leaders of your city,” Brown merely reinforced his point: “It is the way the system was designed.”

It is the way the system was designed. Now we’re getting somewhere.

This is the very essence of “moving the goalposts.” First it was: African-Americans don’t have the right to vote. Once that’s taken care of, everything will be fine. Then it was: African-Americans need fellow blacks in positions of power. Then things will start looking up. And now it’s: African-Americans can’t succeed at all because there’s something inherently messed up about the system.

But what is “the system” if not a collection of human beings? What can be the rules of this “system” if not the rule of law – which is now hyper-cognizant of discrimination? Even if one could believe the amazing assertion that American policing has its roots in slave enforcement, how does that speak to today’s problems?

Well, there’s only one way it can make sense, and so we should be justified in seeing Brown’s argument for what it is. He (and all other liberals of this mindset) wants to throw away our entire system of criminal law and start over. If we have a problem with too many minorities in prison, then the system is – by definition – racist and illegitimate. The problem isn’t and can’t be with minorities. The problem must be the standards for criminality themselves.

And then, with clear eyes, you can see where this is headed if we don’t snub it out soon.

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