Radical Liberal Spills Blood: Can We Get Back to Sanity?

Now that a radical leftist has drawn the blood of a Republican congressman, will the Democrat-Media alliance reconsider the lies they’ve been spewing for nearly two years about Donald Trump and his supporters? Or does someone have to actually die before they turn around and take a serious look at what they’re doing to this country?

On his program Wednesday, Rush Limbaugh said what we were all thinking – that the deranged Bernie Bro who shot Steve Scalise and others in Virginia was a product of a very sick media environment.

“I have been worried for quite a while about the cumulative effect or impact of this constant anti-Trump hysteria everywhere in mainstream media: New York Times, Washington Post, LA Times, CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS, NBC,” Limbaugh said. “It’s hysteria. It’s lies. It’s things that are completely manufactured about Trump personally, about Trump and Russia, about climate change, about any number of things.

“I have been very concerned about what all of this is doing to the average, base Democrat voter,” he continued. “I have sensed them getting more and more fringe and imbalanced, and the evidence for it is everywhere in the things that they tweet. They openly promote violence, and advocate some of the most despicable things happening to their political enemies. The hatred is raw, it is undiluted, it’s just savage. These are the mainstream of the Democrat base, and I don’t have any doubt that they are being radicalized.”

In an interview with NewsmaxTV, Freedom Watch founder Larry Klayman expressed similar concerns about the state of liberal America.

“This is part and parcel to the hatred that’s been whipped up against Trump,” he said. “Nancy Pelosi came out there and congratulated the Speaker of the House Paul Ryan and said great we’re all coming together, but just a few weeks ago she was at a rally in California in Sacramento where the then-head of the Democratic Party in California was screaming ‘F President Trump,’ and she was laughing and carrying on. They have brought this kind of hatred forward and they’re largely responsible for what’s happening because this is a green light.

“It’s giving people the means to express themselves in this violent way,” he continued. “It’s very, very dangerous and we can see that the country is in a civil war right now. I advocate peaceful revolution. I want to bring this country back to the vision of the founding fathers. It’s far from that right now.”

Problem is, half this country would hate nothing more than to see the country brought back to what it was intended to be when the founders framed the Constitution. Hell, they think this country was founded by racists, for racists, and the only solution is to erase everything that they envisioned. They see America as an evil nation, led by King Evil himself. And despite their supposed stance against guns, they are apparently ready to use them if it means ridding the nation of white conservative Christians and their elected representatives.

Hopefully, what happened last Wednesday was an anomaly. But if this insanity continues to be spewed forth by people who should know better, we have a feeling it will not be.


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