Rep. Matt Gaetz: Universal Mail Voting Will Doom Republicans

In an interview with Lou Dobbs of the Fox Business Network, Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL) said that if the trend towards universal mail-in voting remains unchecked, it will doom Republicans’ chances of ever winning the White House again.

“If we accept this universal mail-out balloting to people who didn’t even request ballots, I don’t think Republicans will ever win another national election again,” said Gaetz. “That’s why we have to stand and fight now.”

Gaetz said that, due to many of the inconsistencies and questions surrounding the results of the 2020 presidential election, he is not ready to concede that Joe Biden will be the next president. While none of the Trump legal team’s fraud challenges have seen success in court up until now, Gaetz said that he holds enough suspicions about the vote to withhold concession.

“I reject that entirely,” he said. “President Trump has an obligation to the country, to his supporters, and to the movement that he has built to ensure that we count the legal votes and reject the illegal ones.”

Gaetz went on to say he was disappointed at the lack of action being taken by the Department of Justice.

“We have not seen an active DOJ interested in protecting the civil rights of Americans who want to have their legal votes not diluted by illegal votes,” he said.

The media and the Democrats (and, let’s face it, even a few Republicans) have tried to make it sound like the 2020 election is a done deal, there was no fraud, and the result is that Joe Biden is the president-elect. While we’ll grant that it’s exceedingly unlikely that anything will happen to overturn that result, this dismissive attitude ignores some troubling truths about Biden’s victory.

Looking specifically at the Pennsylvania election returns, Daniel Horowitz of The Blaze noted that Biden’s mail-in vote totals simply defy reality.

“My friend (who goes by screen name Gummi Bear on Twitter) crunched the numbers and showed that had Biden won 95% of returned Democrat mail-in votes, 21% of returned Republican votes, and 80% of returned independent votes, he would still have come up short of his margin of victory reported in the unofficial tally,” wrote Horowitz.

“We know those numbers alone are absurd,” he continued. “There is no way Biden won 21% of mail-in ballots from registered Republicans in this state. Exit polls showed Biden getting just 8% of the GOP vote overall. While the 95% number for Democrat mail-ins is more believable (exits showed him getting 92%), the notion that 80% of mail-ins from independents went to Biden is nearly impossible. Exit polls showed Biden winning 52% of the vote of independents overall. It would defy logic to think that there was such a qualitative gap between the type of independents who came out on Election Day and those who voted by mail.”

This is one of many examples of areas in which the supposed reality of Biden’s vote totals are in conflict with everything we know about statistics, mathematical probability, and common sense. We are expected to turn away from these logical gaps and simply accept that this election was above board. That in a year with unprecedented resistance to the sitting president, with unprecedented circumstances surrounding the election, and with a pandemic raging…this was the “most secure election in history.”

Okay. Whatever you say.

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