Report: Trump Planning Epic Exit Rally to Oppose Biden Inauguration

President Donald Trump came to Washington to do things differently, and boy, did he ever. And if these recent reports from Axios and NBC News have any truth to them (you never know, unfortunately), he’s planning a White House exit that will be remembered forever.

From Axios:

President Trump is considering a made-for-TV grand finale: a White House departure on Marine One and final Air Force One flight to Florida for a political rally opposite Joe Biden’s inauguration, sources familiar with the discussions tell Axios.

Why it matters: The former network star is privately discussing using his waning powers as commander in chief to order up the exit he wants after dissing Biden by refusing to concede the election, welcome him to the White House or commit to attending his inauguration.

The news was immediately met with a disdainful comment from White House spokesman Judd Deere, who said, “Anonymous sources who claim to know what the President is or is not considering have no idea. When President Trump has an announcement about his plans for Jan. 20 he will let you know.”

If Trump does go through with these plans, he could very well use the rally in Florida to announce his campaign for the 2024 election, setting the stage for an unprecedented four-year race that would almost certainly result in his being the Republican nominee. Indeed, considering Biden’s age and declining mental faculties, we find it more likely that Trump will be running in 2024 than Biden. And if the next race is Trump vs. Kamala Harris, the Democrats had better hope they accomplish everything they want to accomplish in the next four years, because they won’t get any more time.

“Regardless of the timing of a campaign announcement, Trump is not expected to attend the inauguration of President-elect Joe Biden, according to the people familiar with the discussions. He also does not plan to invite Biden to the White House or even call him, they said,” reports NBC News.

Well, if we’re going forward under the assumption that Trump will not be able to legally stop Biden from being sworn in, this might be the next-best move. Fact is, there are more than 70 million Americans who cast their ballots for Trump – an enormous show of support no matter who actually won at the end of the day. Those supporters aren’t going anywhere; they see in Trump a leader unlike any this country has ever had. Four years of anemic, destructive Biden rule may only be tolerable by looking forward to the day we can MAGA once more.

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