Republicans Demand That Adam Schiff’s Whistleblower Take the Stand

Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) and his Democrat goons have been insisting that their groomed “whistleblower” must remain anonymous and hidden in the shadows while Congress moves forward with a baseless, illegitimate impeachment inquiry against the president. Despite serious questions pertaining to the objective nature of the whistleblower – a CIA official who worked closely with Joe Biden while the latter was vice president – Schiff says that his right to be protected outweighs any right President Trump has to confront his accuser.

Republicans are done listening to that story.

Hours after dozens of House Republicans forced their way into a Democrat-led deposition, disrupting and delaying the secret testimony, Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) demanded that Republicans be allowed to question the witnesses Democrats are bringing into these hearings. And he said that the whistleblower himself should made himself available for public testimony.

From Fox News:

In an initial letter to House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff on Wednesday, Jordan — joined by House Intelligence Committee ranking member Devin Nunes and Foreign Affairs Committee ranking member Michael McCaul — called for the whistleblower to come out of hiding, so that his or her “sources and credibility” can be “fully assessed.”

The committee chairs noted that Schiff had previously promised that the whistleblower would provide “unfiltered” testimony “very soon” concerning an Aug. 12 complaint.

But, the Republicans charged, Schiff abruptly “reversed course” after reports of the whistleblower’s potential political bias emerged, along with evidence that Democratic congressional committee staff had spoken to the whistleblower before the complaint was filed.

It’s actually pretty ironic, this position the Democrats have put us in. It wasn’t but a few months ago that they were smearing Attorney General William Barr for releasing a short letter summarizing the contents of the Mueller Report. This memo, they claimed, biased the American public to believe that Mueller’s investigation was more exculpatory than it actually was. They went on to say that Barr prejudiced voters by mischaracterizing Mueller’s report, thus hindering their ability to bring the actual words of the report to the public.

It appears they were doing more than just condemning Barr. It appears they were learning from him. Because that’s exactly the playbook they’ve followed with this whole Ukraine nonsense. This impeachment inquiry isn’t based on the transcript of Trump’s phone call with Zelensky. We’ve all read that – it’s a nothingburger. No, they are counting on the momentum of the whistleblower’s original statement – which alleged all kinds of wrongdoing that has since proven false – to carry them past all the inconvenient facts that pop up in the meantime.

Public questioning of this whistleblower would only expose how thin the Democrats’ case for impeachment really is. And that’s why Schiff and his cronies will do everything they can to keep him hidden from the light.

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