Rush Limbaugh: Why I Turned Ted Koppel Down

Sean Hannity is blasting Ted Koppel and CBS for editing his 45-minute interview down to only two minutes in an attempt to demonize him and the rest of conservative media. On his radio show, Rush Limbaugh said that while he wasn’t laying any blame on Hannity for the smear job, the veteran Fox News host probably should have known what he was walking into.

Limbaugh said Monday that CBS producers originally wanted to interview him for the Sunday Morning news program, but he turned their offer down flat.

“Mid-February I got the first call that Ted Koppel is doing a piece on modern media for a CBS Sunday Morning news program, and Koppel wants to come down here and interview me, a 45-minute interview,” Rush said. “I said no. Instinctively, right off the bat, I said no.”

When he learned that the interview was going to focus on “the divide in the media today,” his instincts screamed even more loudly.

“The premise of the program was not the divide,” he said. “The producers never tell you the truth about what the show’s about. […] With us it’s always degrees of deception or whatever, because they’re not dumb. I mean, they know our instincts are not to do this.

“So it wasn’t about the divide in the media,” he continued. “What it was was how conservative media is bad for America. Conservative media has destroyed the news. Conservative media is the reason that people don’t trust the media anymore.”

Limbaugh said this narrative played out in Koppel’s interview with Hannity when Koppel suggested that Hannity’s viewers were “more responsive to ideology than facts.”

“To them, conservatism is odd,” said Limbaugh. “To them, liberalism is not an ideology. This is fundamental. You may think, of course it is. It is not to them, folks. Liberalism is just the way things are. Liberalism is au natural. Liberalism just is. It’s like the air just is. Conservatism is the odd, kooky, weird, offset thing.”

While it’s true what Rush has to say about the media and their intentions, we still think it’s worth it for Sean Hannity and others to do these interviews. Yes, they will be ambushed, but they can still get through to at least a small segment of the audience. And by drawing attention to the way the programs try to paint conservatism in a negative light, you open up a few more eyes.

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