Sean Hannity on Biden’s Terrible First Week: I Told You So

On his program Monday, Fox News host Sean Hannity said that he had accurately predicted that President Joe Biden’s first week would be awful for the American people. In his monologue, Hannity said that Biden’s tenure – actually less than a week old by the time of his show – was already sufficient evidence that socialism is a destructive approach to governing. He went further, accusing the mainstream media of taking a “sycophantic vacation” and leaving Americans in the dark about Biden’s failures.

“Biden’s radical agenda is literally taking thousands of American jobs, hurting American families, all while economic stress is the norm for way too many of our fellow Americans because of COVID and, of course, the subsequent, oppressive lockdowns,” he said.

Hannity said that the president and congressional Democrats are only making things worse by pursuing a “dead on arrival” impeachment trial.

“If Biden really cared about unity, he could put a stop to the ‘Schiff Show’ right now,” he said. “So much for that unity B.S. – words, no meaning – just, you know, smoke and mirrors.”

Hannity also took a shot at the new international travel restrictions Biden implemented this week, noting that when Trump took similar measures the then-candidate called the president “xenophobic” and accused him of fear-mongering.

“Well,” Hannity said, “I guess that makes Joe Biden xenophobic and a fear-monger.”

From freezing deportations to halting construction on the border wall; from endorsing an unconstitutional impeachment trial to naming a man-in-a-dress as one of his top HHS secretaries; from promising a crackdown on “white supremacy” to eliminating 11,000 jobs with a single stroke of his pen…President Biden’s first week in office could have hardly been worse. Hell, we’re surprised he didn’t launch troops into Syria just to solidify the failure.

Meanwhile, what is the New York Times talking about? How wonderful it is that Biden will once again allow transgenders to serve in the military.

What is the Washington Post squawking about? Biden’s plan to reopen ACA marketplaces in what seems to us to be a clear violation of the law.

And at Reuters, they’re excited to let us know about Biden’s intentions to “limit the use of private prisons.”

We’re facing some of the deepest challenges in our nation’s history, and this president’s cheerleaders in the media are perfectly content to let him govern without scrutiny. It seems that the journalistic ethics they let fall by the wayside during Trump’s presidency are not coming back anytime soon.

Not that we’re even slightly surprised.

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