Security Experts: Antifa Has Violent Plans for the Days After the Election

In recent weeks, we’ve heard from officials in New York, California, and heck, even Walmart – all of them expressing grave concerns about the possibility for massive civil unrest in the days and weeks after the election. Knowing as they do that the actual results of the election may not be known for some time – and also knowing that there are leftist militant groups intent on “burning it down” if they don’t get what they want out of those results – security officials and law enforcement agencies in all 50 states are preparing for the worst.

In remarks to Fox News, Robert Lewis of First Amendment Praetorian (1AP), a volunteer force of military and law enforcement professionals, said, “Our intelligence shows that no matter who wins the election, they [Antifa] are planning a massive ‘Antifa Tet Offensive,’ bent on destroying the global order they are not beholden to any one party. Their sole purpose is to create havoc, fear, and intimidation.”

Fat lot of good it did Joe Biden to cater to these loons at the debate, where he denied that Antifa was even a real thing. Remember that, when he insisted that Antifa was just an “idea”? We can’t wait to see the magic of an “idea” causing destruction all over the country. That’s going to be a hell of a thing to witness.

Fox News also spoke to Ryan Mauro of the Clarion Project. He said that he hadn’t seen this much concern from law enforcement and security officials since “the sudden rise of ISIS.”

“It is very apparent from my team’s monitoring of online threats that Antifa-type groups intend to engage in violence in the aftermath of the election, especially if Trump wins,” Mauro said. “Rallies celebrating Trump’s victory would be the most obvious target for violent disruption. But the threat comes from multiple angles. There are many extremists who hate Antifa and the left and don’t necessarily want to initiate violence but are eager to jump into a fight once it begins.”

Law enforcement agencies and private businesses across the country have been preparing for this “idea” explosion after the election, many of them boarding up their windows in preparation for what could be mass chaos. Of course, whether or not they actually go under the name of “Antifa,” leftists have certainly shown this year that they are willing to commit arson, engage in brutality, loot, and go completely wild if they feel justified in their anger. If they would do it for the sake of George Floyd, you can bet your bottom dollar they’ll do it for the sake of opposing Trump.

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