Sen. Tim Scott: Biden and Harris Want a “Socialist Utopia” in America

There was a whole slate of powerful speakers at the Republican National Convention on Monday night, but we’re not sure anyone got his point across any better than Sen. Tim Scott (R-SC). In his searing speech, he dismantled the Joe Biden/Kamala Harris ticket, warning viewers that they were far from the moderate Democrats they are trying to portray themselves as on the campaign trail.

(Hmm, does it count as a “campaign trail” if you never leave your house? Anyway, we digress.)

“Make no mistake,” Scott said at one point, “Joe Biden and Kamala Harris want a cultural revolution. A fundamentally different America.”

If Biden wins, he warned, the pair will work to “turn our country into a socialist utopia.”

Which, of course, would be no utopia at all, as history as proven again and again.

As the only black Republican in the Senate, Scott has been called everything from a “token” to an “Uncle Tom” by his tolerant liberal detractors. But while the color of his skin really shouldn’t matter when it comes to speaking out about the social justice movements currently roiling the country, it can’t be denied that it gives him a different perspective. You’d think it would be a perspective that the left could appreciate, given their endless obsession with race, but the fact that they dismiss him out of hand is just further evidence that you only qualify as “black” in their eyes if you toe the line.

Thankfully, Sen. Scott is not afraid to challenge that narrative.

“This isn’t how I pictured tonight, but our country is experiencing something none of us envisioned,” Scott said. “From a global pandemic, to the deaths of George Floyd and Breonna Taylor, 2020 has tested our nation in ways we haven’t seen for decades. While this election is Donald Trump and Joe Biden, it is not solely about Donald Trump and Joe Biden. It’s about the promise of America. It’s about you and me…our challenges and heartbreaks, hopes and dreams.”

He asked a pertinent question: “Do we want a society that breeds success, or a culture that cancels everything it even slightly disagrees with?”

He pleaded with Americans not to buy into the doom-and-gloom message of the left-wing media.

“We live in a world that wants you to believe in the bad news—racially, economically and culturally-polarizing news,” he said. “The truth is, our nation’s arc always bends back toward fairness. We are not fully where we want to be, but thank God we are not where we used to be. We don’t give into cancel-culture, or the radical—and factually baseless—belief that things are worse today than in the 1860s or the 1960s.”

Unsurprisingly, the liberal media painted Monday night’s convention speeches as dark, divisive, and dystopian. But if you actually watched the speeches instead of accepting their word for it, you’ll know that it’s just more fake news. If there is any optimism at all in our national politics, it is found in President Trump and the people who support him. And if our country is to have any hope at all of getting past this racially-divisive moment, his election in November is mandatory.

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