“She Still Can’t Speak English”: Celebs, Leftists Go After Melania With Sick Tweets

The party of diversity and tolerance proved (not for the first time) on Tuesday night that their appreciation for foreigners and accents and other cultures is limited only to those who make our country worse. If you’re a successful immigrant who is rich, white, and Christian, you might as well be the devil incarnate. And if your last name happens to be Trump? They will stoop to the most poisonous invective they can find to tear your down.

Melania Trump was the keynote speaker on the second night of the Republican National Convention, delivering an impassioned and compassionate speech from the newly-renovated Rose Garden. But while even some in the media begrudgingly gave the first lady credit for taking a much softer tone than most of the RNC’s speakers, some on the left were driven into a bitter rage.

Take singer Bette Midler, for instance.

“Oh, God. She still can’t speak English,” Midler tweeted. “#beBest is back! A UGE bore! She can speak several words in a few languages. Get that illegal alien off the stage!”

Imagine if she’d tweeted this about…literally anyone else. She would be canceled so fast you would have to hope that your DVD of “Beaches” is still somewhere you can find it.

“You are one lucky Slovenian! And after all that surgery, you hit a kind of horrible jackpot, chained to a colossal idiot,” she said in a conclusion to her unhinged rant.

Midler’s stunning hatred caught the attention of other public figures.

“The party of diversity mocks an American for her accent…” actor James Woods mused.

“Who knew xenophobia was the wind beneath your wings!” Fox Business host Kennedy marveled.

But as disgusting as Midler’s attack on Melania was, she was hardly the only one who abandoned love and tolerance for the evening.

“Seriously, f— this b—-,” tweeted Kathy Griffin, the comedian best known for holding up a replica of Donald Trump’s severed head.

Take a moment and picture what the reaction would be if right-wing figures had talked this way after a Michelle Obama speech back in the day. Hell, just imagine if anyone had said something vaguely similar about her speech last week! The world would have split open, drowning us all in the fiery hot lava of leftist fury. But as long as the target is a white woman and as long as that white woman supports President Trump, it’s all good. You can say whatever you want without the slightest fear of reprisal.

If you think this is just about Melania Trump, by the way, you’re not really getting the big picture.

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