Shifty Schiff Says Whistleblower May Not Even Testify Before Congress

Rep. Adam Schiff, with the help of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, has now unleashed a runaway freight train that he has no hope of stopping even if he wanted to. And with the way this impeachment odyssey is going so far, he may want to do just that. A lot of careers are going to be ruined by the time this whole thing is done with, but we don’t believe that Donald Trump’s will be among them. Much like the Russia hoax, the Ukraine hoax is collapsing as fast as gravity will allow, leaving Democrats like Schiff once again twisted up in their own web of lies.

On Sunday, speaking to CBS’s “Face the Nation,” Schiff has the audacity to suggest that the infamous whistleblower might not even need to testify before Congress.

“Republicans would like nothing better because they view their role as defending the president being the president’s lawyers,” Schiff snidely remarked. “They would love for one witness to be able to hear what another witness says so that they can know what they can give away and what they can’t give away.

“There’s a reason why investigations and grand jury proceedings for example, and I think this is analogous to a grand jury proceeding, are done out of the public view initially,” Schiff continued. “Now we may very well call some of the same witnesses or all the same witnesses in public hearings as well. But we want to make sure that we meet the needs of the investigation and not give the president or his legal minions the opportunity to tailor their testimony and in some cases fabricate testimony to suit their interests.”

Absurd. This is in no way a grand jury proceeding. This is an impeachment inquiry, whether formal or informal or whatever it is the Democrats think they’re doing. If it isn’t that, then it is a minor oversight matter that doesn’t deserve the attention it’s getting. But if this is impeachment, it needs to be handled like impeachment. If you’re going to accuse the President of the United States of a crime, then your witnesses ought to damn well have the integrity to answer questions from Jim Jordan, don’t you think?

Ah, but that didn’t go so well when you put people like Michael Cohen and even Robert Mueller on the stand, did it? No, because when these cockroaches are exposed to the bright light of truth, they look like the frauds that they are. And then your “impeachment” nonsense will be exposed as a joke.

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