Shock Report: More Than Half of Non-Citizens on Some Form of Welfare

According to a new report from the Migration Policy Institute, more than 50% of non-citizen children and teens in the U.S. are dependent on some form of public welfare. The report also shows that nearly half of non-citizen adults are on welfare themselves. In a survey of welfare use by Americans born in the U.S., naturalized citizens, and non-citizen aliens, the institute discovered that when you drill down on the 22 million non-citizens living in this country, 10.3 million of them participate in at least one welfare program. This, as you can imagine, is a far cry from the productive, America-boosting immigrant that the left (and no small portion of the right) imagines in political campaigns.

In the official numbers, 54.2% of children and teens receive “at least one of four major public welfare benefits while it’s 46.3% for those aged 18-54 and 47.8% for older aliens,” according to Paul Bedard of the Washington Examiner. He compared those figures with U.S.-born Americans, of whom 32% are on some form of public assistance.

Of course, even if there was a higher percentage of U.S.-born Americans on public welfare, it really wouldn’t matter. The point isn’t necessarily to compare populations, the point is to question whether or not hardworking Americans want this much of their weekly paycheck going to subsidize immigrants – many of whom may not belong in this country to begin with. It’s no great secret that too many of our own able-bodied citizenry is dependent on the government for their food, shelter, and necessities. But if we can’t find ways to effectively deal with that problem, we can certainly deal with this one. It is not the responsibility of the United States to take care of everyone who happens to get across the border – period.

The report is written in a sympathetic manner, warning that the Trump administration is debating new rules that would withhold green cards from legal immigrants who rely on Medicaid, cash handouts, food stamps, or SSI benefits while visiting the United States.

“Although it is difficult to estimate precisely how many people would alter their behavior in response to the proposed change in public-chart policy, if immigrants’ use patterns were to follow those observed during the late 1990s there could be a decline of between 20 percent and 60 percent — and that even some members of groups exempt from the new rule [e.g. refugees] would likely withdraw from pubic programs,” the report contends.

Welp, sounds like a win-win proposition to us. That may sound heartless or cruel, but that’s simply a function of how gullible and reckless we’ve been in the past. It’s time to not only enforce the law as it pertains to immigration but to get serious about re-directing taxpayer dollars to the people that generated them in the first place. We don’t think that’s too much to ask.

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