Swing Voters Have No Use for Candidates Who Support More Migration

“We are a nation of immigrants,” the Democrats say over and over and over again (sometimes joined by Republicans on Capitol Hill who have been trained to do the Chamber of Commerce’s bidding). As such, we should not only welcome the illegal immigrants flowing across our borders, but we should be looking for new, exciting ways to bring legal immigrants into the country. What would America be without immigrants, they say. And with that catchphrase in mind (and the as-yet-unproven mantra “Diversity is our greatest strength), they lavish us with schemes like chain migration, DACA, pathways to citizenship, work visas, and every other kind of lure that will bring the world to us. No walls, only bridges.

Well, swing voters aren’t buying it.

According to the latest survey from Harvard/Harris, 69% of swing voters say they are unlikely to support a 2020 presidential candidate who runs on a platform of increasing immigration. Furthermore, among all registered voters, 64% say the same thing. Only when you drill down to Democrats themselves do you find a more positive number, and even then…the statistics aren’t great for pro-immigration candidates. Only 45% of Democratic voters want a candidate who supports bringing in more migrants.

For these voters, President Trump is the only reasonable choice in the race. Because no matter where you look on the Democratic stage, you will find candidates who want to flood the U.S. with cheap labor from foreign countries.

Take the most “moderate” Democrat with a chance to win the nomination: Joe Biden. He’s running on the old platform of cutting illegal immigration while boosting legal immigration. He’s thrown his support behind a platform that would allow any foreign degree-holder to seek an office job in the United States. At the same time, while he isn’t so far gone as to endorse decriminalizing the border, he has endorsed the idea of offering free healthcare insurance to the illegals already living in the country.

On the other side – the far-left side – you have lunatics like Julian Castro who want to complete do away with the laws governing our border. Or, if you want someone who actually has a prayer of winning, take a look at Elizabeth Warren: She also wants to decriminalize illegal immigration, do away with policies that prevent “asylum-seekers” from disappearing into the U.S., and bring in more foreign competition.

There is no mainstream Democrat running on a platform of lowering immigration rates. If you want that flavor of politics, you have to look to the Republican Party. More specifically, you have to vote for Donald Trump.

If Democrats don’t get a handle on this issue, 2020 could turn into a MAGA landslide of epic proportions.

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