Ted Cruz: Democrats Are Siding With Violent Criminals Against America

As the situation in Portland continued to deteriorate over the weekend, Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) took to social media to criticize Democrats for throwing their chips in with the anti-American anarchists who are causing all the destruction. Tweeting out a video that showed Antifa and Black Lives Matter rioters attacking a federal courthouse on Friday night, Cruz said it was shocking to see Democrats support the lawlessness while simultaneously vilifying federal agents.

“This is not Fallujah. This is not Beirut. This is America,” Cruz wrote. “And Dem politicians are facilitating & cheering them on.”

Portland has become a haven for anti-police protests – many of which have gone well beyond “protests” and into violence and chaos. Mayor Ted Wheeler has not only encouraged this destruction, he has publicly rejected Homeland Security’s efforts to lend a hand.

Indeed, after DHS Secretary Chad Wolf offered to send in his agents to stop the “lawless anarchists,” Wheeler told him – on Twitter – that Portland had no use for his help. He told him to clean the graffiti off the DHS building in Portland and otherwise leave the protesters alone. Much like the namby-pamby liberals of Seattle, this is a man who would rather cede the city to left-wing terrorists than actually stand up for law and order.

Because these are federal buildings under siege in Portland, however, the Trump administration didn’t bother waiting for Wheeler’s approval. U.S. Marshals and Customs and Border Protection have descended on the city to arrest and apprehend “protesters” who are inciting violence and putting federal agents in jeopardy. Have they exercised questionable tactics? Maybe. But when you’re literally in hostile territory – when even the leadership of the city is working against you – those tactics might be necessary. If you’re asking us to feel sorry for Antifa thugs who got thrown into the back of a van…sorry, we’re fresh out of sympathy.

“Cops are not stormtroopers. Arrests are not kidnappings. ANTIFA terrorists are not protestors,” Cruz tweeted Saturday. “Dems are making the cynical political decision to stand with violent criminals trying to destroy America.”

If you thought the 2016 election was a clear choice, 2020 is shaping up to be even clearer. Joe Biden himself may or may not be a radical leftist, but he is certainly under the spell of them. Do we want the party of violent riots, destroyed statues, defunding the police, autonomous zones, and cancel culture to take over the presidency? Or do we want the party that’s fighting against those things?

It really is pretty much that simple.

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