Texas School Board Votes Hillary Clinton Out of the History Books

Few states are as active on the front lines of keeping leftist political correctness out of the history books as Texas. There will come a time – if we aren’t there already – where students from the Lone Star State are the only ones actually learning a version of U.S. history that does not present it as a tour of genocide and oppression. The State Board of Education has done an exemplary job of keeping this national nonsense out of their public schools, which means they are a target for attack every year they make their final recommendations for the curriculum.

This year, they’ve really stirred up the hornet’s nest by taking none other than Hillary Rodham Clinton out of the required list of historical figures high-schoolers must learn about. The board insists that Clinton simply fell by the wayside because they were looking for ways to streamline the curriculum, which already requires students to learn – by rote memorization – the lives and contributions of too many public figures. But Democrats see it as a partisan decision driven by conservative ideology.

“If Helen Keller was an important historical figure when I was in school (and she was), then she still is today,” tweeted Texas Democrat Chris Turner. “Clinton is the 1st and only woman to be the presidential nominee of a major party in U.S. history. Enough said.”

Helen Keller was also targeted for deletion, by the way, giving Democrats the perfect excuse to put her and Crooked Hillary in the same basket. We don’t have much in common with Keller’s later-life advocacy and activism, but you can’t deny she overcame some pretty impressive disabilities. All Clinton overcame was her own predilection for lying, cheating, and screwing over the American people. Well that and her husband’s philandering ways.

We’re not denying that it’s notable that Clinton was the nominee of the Democratic Party, but this is a factoid that can be covered in exactly six seconds. Or it can be covered in the context of teaching kids about the extraordinary rise of the current president. It doesn’t need it’s own segment of the curriculum. The Board estimated they were saving thirty minutes of instruction time by leaving Clinton’s name out of the books. There’s really no reason for high school students to spend that much time learning about Hillary Clinton, unless it’s a class on Ethics and American Corruption.


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