Thanks, Libtards: China Sees Trump Mental Health Attacks as Sign of U.S. Decline

As if we don’t have enough serious charges to lay against the American left, we can now add one to the ever-growing pile: By using reckless mental health questions to cast doubts about the presidency of Donald Trump, they are officially giving aid and comfort to our Communist competitors in China.

Not that the idea of promoting Communism over democracy is likely to give many Democrats cause for self-reflection, but if there are any true patriots left in that misbegotten party, it’s high time they wake up, pay attention, and realize what their war on Trump is costing the U.S. in terms of its global standing.

For evidence, they need look no further than the latest issue of the Chinese newspaper Global Times, in which an editorial – written by and for the satisfaction of the Communist regime – floats the convincing propaganda message that the debate over Trump’s mental stability is making a laughingstock of the world’s greatest democracy.

“Although since World War II U.S. presidents have often come under attack, Trump is the first to have his mental health questioned. This shows the waning quality of U.S. democratic politics,” Global Times wrote. “It is doubtful whether the U.S. public likes to see this happen to their president. But the outside world certainly welcomes such a farce. Questioning the mental health of an elected U.S. president satirizes not only the institution but the U.S. electoral system itself.” the editorial read.

“As onlookers, we find that there are big problems with the U.S. political system from which we should steer well clear,” the editorial concluded, in a not-so-subtle argument that Communist is the answer to what ills America.

When the U.S. intelligence community originally reported on Russia’s involvement in hacking the DNC and meddling in the election, they determined that Putin’s likely goal was to sew seeds of confusion and doubt as to the strength of our democratic system of government. While that narrative has changed (with some gentle pushing and molding by the Democrats) to “Russia was trying to help Trump win,” we haven’t forgotten those early assessments. And if Putin’s ultimate goal was to make the U.S. look chaotic and weak, no one has helped him achieve that lofty goal like the American left.

At this point, the Democrats are willing to use everything from the testimony of a partisan psychologist to the trashy gossip of a book like Fire and Fury to get their argument – that Trump is unfit for office – to stick. They aren’t doing this out of rational concern for the stability of the White House, they’re doing it for cheap political gain. They have committed the ultimate “party over country” sin, completely oblivious to the fact that our enemies and competitors are watching.

Or maybe they’re not oblivious. Maybe they just don’t care.

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