The Disturbing Reason Trump’s Law Firm Withdrew From Election Challenge

Late last week, the media was overjoyed to share the news that Trump campaign law firm Porter Wright had filed to withdraw itself from a lawsuit challenging Pennsylvania’s attempts to certify the election vote. Because the law firm did not give a reason for its withdrawal, it allowed left-wing reporters to go with the narrative of their choice. For the most part, it went something like this: Porter Wright knows that it’s a losing battle to fight these trivial election cases, so they’re going to get out and salvage their reputation. In other words, even lawyers are too reputable to work with this corrupt president on this quixotic effort to overturn the election.

Fortunately, there are a handful of left-wing media outlets who dared to dig a little deeper and uncover the truth: Porter Wright didn’t pull out of this case because it had no merit. They pulled out because they’ve been harassed and doxxed and targeted by enemies of the president.

“Porter Wright is one of two law firms targeted by the Lincoln Project — a group of Republicans who oppose President Donald J. Trump — for their work on lawsuits challenging the election results. The campaign included encouraging people to email the lawyers on the cases,” reported Bloomberg.

The insinuation behind this reporting was confirmed by Trump campaign spokesperson Tim Murtaugh, who said in a statement: “Leftist mobs descended upon some of the lawyers representing the President’s campaign and they buckled. If the target were anyone but Donald Trump, the media would be screaming about injustice and the fundamental right to legal representation. The President’s team is undeterred and will move forward with rock-solid attorneys to ensure free and fair elections for all Americans.”

Murtaugh is absolutely right, of course; if Trump-backing groups had doxxed and harassed Biden’s lawyers, the story would be front page news in The New York Times. Another six million op-eds would be written about the deterioration of norms and guardrails under this president, the rise of white supremacy, and, probably, the awful effect this has on climate change.

Instead, all we hear are crickets. All we hear is how the Trump campaign’s efforts to ensure a fair count are harming our country.

But, you know, this tells us something. If the grifters at the Lincoln Project are actively trying to scare lawyers away from the Trump campaign, it kinda makes you wonder: What are they afraid of? What could go wrong by allowing these lawsuits to go forward? Could it be that there’s something in Pennsylvania (and elsewhere) that they don’t want anyone to find out about?

Just saying…

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