The Left is REALLY MAD About Trump’s New Campaign Video

Calling it “racist,” “divisive,” “inflammatory,” and all kinds of other good adjectives, the Democrats are outraged over President Trump’s final campaign advertisement of the election season. It is, of course, focused on illegal immigration and the Democrats who have allowed this problem to go unchecked for years.

The ad shows convicted cop-killer Luis Bracamontes, an illegal immigrant – already deported once before – who returned to California only to slay two state patrol deputies. Bracamontes’s evil was on full display in the courtroom, where he promised: “I’m going to kill more cops soon.” All the while, he grinned maliciously as he refused to show the slightest remorse for his murderous ways.

The ad intersperses this video with footage from illegal immigrant mobs tearing down border fences and the Central American caravan that is ever marching closer to our southern border. On the screen, captions let the viewer know: Democrats are responsible for this madness. The ad poses the question: Who else will Democrats let in?

It’s a great ad, and it gets to the beating heart of the choice voters must make on Tuesday.

It’s no wonder the left is so angry.

Here’s CNN’s Stephen Collinson:

In the most racially charged national political ad in 30 years, President Donald Trump and the Republican Party accuse Democrats of plotting to help people they depict as Central American invaders overrun the nation with cop killers.

The new web video, tweeted by the President five days before the midterm elections, is the most extreme step yet in the most inflammatory closing argument of any campaign in recent memory.

The Trump campaign ad is the latest example of the President’s willingness to lie and fear-monger in order to tear at racial and societal divides; to embrace demagoguery to bolster his own political power and the cause of the Republican midterm campaign.

Naturally, the professional concern trolls in the Republican Party had to get their licks in as well, reminding the country why they’re retiring from the Senate.

“This is just a new low in campaigning,” said Sen. Jeff Flake. “It’s sickening.”

Flake is right about one thing: It is sickening. Not the ad, but the behavior displayed IN the ad. The behavior of a murderous illegal immigrant whose presence in this country led to the deaths of two upstanding California cops. The behavior of the Democrats, who think we should throw the border wide open and let in thousands upon thousands of unvetted illegal immigrants just because they want to reshape American demographics. That’s sickening.

And that’s why any American concerned with the future of our culture, our security, and our economy should go out and vote Republican on Tuesday. It won’t fix everything, but it will keep us moving towards the goal. Democrats will only send us backwards, and that’s exactly where we can’t afford to go.

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