This is Why No Trump Supporter Takes “Racism” Accusations Seriously

You watch the networks or listen to left-wing commenters on various sites, and there’s this atmosphere where people are baffled as to how or why Trump supporters can look past the tweets against the AOC Squad. How, time and time again, can Republicans and conservatives make excuses for President Trump’s obvious racism? How can they not see that they are supporting a man who would like to put all brown people in a cage, if not send them back to Africa? How awful! Are they racists themselves? Or are they just oblivious?

Well, here’s the thing. When you call literally everything “racist,” then nothing is racist. And in 2019, we’re about three years beyond the point where the left decided that everything is racist. After a while, even real examples of racism – and we’re certainly not saying that Trump’s tweets were such a thing – go unnoticed and uncared about. Because again, when everything is racist, nothing is. The left doesn’t even realize what a dangerous situation they’ve put the country in with their constant cry of “wolf” (whistle).

But it doesn’t stop them.

This week, blockbuster actor Chris Pratt (“Guardians of the Galaxy”, “Jurassic World”) has been deemed a racist. Why? Did he tell Ilhan Omar to go back to her own country? Did he criticize a black rapper? Did he eat a taco in a culturally appropriative manner?

No, he wore a shirt with a version of the Gadsden Flag on it.

This violation of all that is decent in the world stirred up the leftist nuts on Twitter, who were subsequently quoted in a Yahoo News article about the fake controversy.

“Ellen Page called him out and some of y’all didn’t listen now look at this shit,” said one dunce.

“I like him,” another said, “but all these small things about his politics makes me wonder when he’ll say something transphobic, tank his career, and do the full heel-turn into a Fox commentator.”

Oh no, not something TRANSPHOBIC!

“Hope those bigots pay you a good pay check. Bye girl,” said another. It’s not clear what “bigots” are paying Pratt for what reason, but we suppose that looking for logic on Liberal Twitter is a fool’s errand.

We doubt that anyone reading this needs it explained, but there is absolutely nothing “racist” about the shirt, which employs a symbol and a motto that dates back to the patriots of the Revolutionary War. It has been adopted by modern-day libertarians and the Tea Party, neither of which is home to a racist ideology.

But when you’re a leftist psychopath, anything that even smells like “the right” is denounced as white supremacy.

And this is why no one ON the right takes any of this seriously anymore.

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