Time Magazine: How to Comfort Kids Scared of Trump

There’s going to come a day where the liberal media finally realizes that they overplayed their hand on Donald Trump. When they look back at 2016 and see that if they accomplished anything, it was to drive people to vote for him out of sheer spite. Or at worst, they will have worked the anti-Trumpers into such a frenzy that they caused something terrible to happen. They’ve pushed their coverage of the Republican frontrunner so far from reality that there will be a revolt.

Take this piece of nonsense in Time Magazine. “How to Talk to Your Kids About Donald Trump.” It’s written by Julie Schwietert Collazo, a New York mom “in search of answers.” According to Collazo, her six-year-old daughter approached her recently and asked: “If Donald Trump gets elected, will Papi have to go back to his country?”

Doubtlessly believing that she has her readers in tears as they consider this (entirely made-up) scenario, Collazo writes:

Will her father, a refugee from Cuba, be deported? Will our undocumented immigrant friends from Mexico, who have known Mariel since she was two days old, be sent away? I wasn’t sure how to answer. How do we talk to our children about a potential Donald Trump presidency?

Easy! Well, honey, America is a country with laws. But for years, bad people in Washington have ignored those laws and made the country less safe for its citizens. Trump doesn’t want to punish your Papi and your illegal immigrants friends; he just wants us to obey the law. See, sometimes in life you have to do the right thing, not just the easy thing.

But of course, Collazo is one of many liberals who believe that the “right thing” is to throw open the borders, let everyone and anyone come to America, and just hope for the best. She seems baffled by her friend, who isn’t worried about how his own daughter will react to a Trump presidency:

Instead, he is more concerned with educating her about how a democracy functions. He wants her to make decisions based on information, not on feelings, and that’s what they talk about when they discuss the current campaign.

What a novel concept!

Collazo, though, wasn’t impressed with her friend’s pragmatic approach to childrearing. She turned to “Dr. Sarah Mohiuddin, a child analyst and psychiatrist on faculty at The University of Michigan and a Muslim American” for a second opinion, doubtlessly uncolored by any political bias.

“Parents are telling me their kids can’t sleep or they’re getting up in the middle of the night, crying,” Dr. Mohiuddin told her. “They’re saying, ‘My kid has been having nightmares,’ and finally they tell me that they’re worried about Trump.”

Gee, that wouldn’t happen to be because their parents are raging liberals who spend their days watching cable news and wringing their hands about the rise of “American Hitler,” would it?

It shouldn’t come as any surprise, but these lunatics are as bad at raising kids as they at choosing politicians.

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