To Democrats, Trump’s Unforgivable Crime Was Beating Hillary Clinton

Democrats, with Nancy Pelosi just barely holding them at bay, are determined to impeach President Donald Trump. He committed crimes against the country, they say. And even Pelosi said he was “engaged in a cover-up.” They won’t say what the crimes were, save some vague allusions to obstruction of justice. They won’t explain how there could be a “cover-up” in the wake of one of the most thorough independent investigations in American history. None of that matters. They KNOW Trump is a guilty man. His crime may not be colluding with Russia. It may not be obstructing the Mueller investigation. No, his unforgivable crime is that he defeated Hillary Clinton in 2016.

It’s not that Democrats have some long-standing, unbreakable bond with Hillary or her husband. In fact, today’s Democrats seem rather eager to move on from the Clinton Era. What they are really upset about is missing the chance to expand on Obama’s Vision For The Country. Their savior’s election was supposed to change everything and set us on a path towards the liberal utopia they always knew was coming. First Obama, then Hillary, then who knows? It would be a cold day in hell before a dirty, deplorable Republican set foot in the Oval Office again.

And then Trump came along, smashed their dreams to pieces, and stood there smirking about it. Unapologetically right-wing, insufferably cocky, and painfully un-PC, Trump was the kind of candidate that shouldn’t have gotten more than 2% in the polls. And they believed that right up until 10:00 PM on election night. One gets the feeling that half of liberals are still walking around in a semi-haze, wondering, “What happened?” Hell, it was the name of Hillary’s book!

More than anything, Democrats are embarrassed. Why wouldn’t they be? They had every reason to think that 2016 was in the bag. Really? A TV reality star is going to beat the “most qualified candidate” in U.S. history? Pshaw. Never gonna happen. We’ve got the candidate, we’ve got the president out there stumping, and most importantly, we’ve got the media on our side. Good luck, Trump. Have fun winning the Bible Belt, ‘cause that’s all you’re gonna get.

And he humiliated them. WE humiliated them.

And they’ve been swearing revenge ever since.

Make no mistake, if Trump pulls off a second victory next November, you’re going to see the wheels come off the Democratic Party. They are going to make the last two-and-a-half years look like a walk through Camp Serenity. It’s actually terrifying to imagine what they might do out of pure spite. It is not going to be pretty.

But it will be better than handing them the levers of power again.

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