Trump and Ben Carson: We Won’t Let Liberals Ruin the Suburbs

The left is busy accusing President Donald Trump of “playing the race card” when it comes to protecting American suburbs, but in a sharply-written op-ed for the Wall Street Journal, the president and Housing Secretary Ben Carson put lie to that narrative.

In its place, the two warned that, in reality, Democrats want to turn the suburbs into a mirror image of the chaos they’ve caused in the cities. It wasn’t enough for them to turn Detroit, Baltimore, and Chicago into crime-ridden hotspots. It wasn’t enough for them to stand aside and let Portland and Seattle to be overtaken by criminals and anarchists. No, no, they want to make sure everyone suffers from their terrible policies!

“We won’t allow this to happen,” Carson and Trump wrote. “That’s why we stopped the last administration’s radical social-engineering project that would have transformed the suburbs from the top down. We reversed an Obama-Biden regulation that would have empowered the Department of Housing and Urban Development to abolish single-family zoning, compel the construction of high-density ‘stack and pack’ apartment buildings in residential neighborhoods, and forcibly transform neighborhoods across America so they look and feel the way far-left ideologues and technocratic bureaucrats think they should.”

Democrats, of course, tell a different story. They tell a story that paints Trump as trying to keep white conservative families safe from those scary brown people from the inner cities. This is nonsensical and racist, like most of the left’s logic. As Trump himself said last week, 35% of the nation’s suburbs are populated by minorities. These are minorities that earned their way into safe, comfortable subdivisions and neighborhoods. And you can bet your bottom dollar that they don’t want to see those neighborhoods go to hell because “good-intentioned” Democrats want to bus in low-income families.

“We reject the ultraliberal view that the federal bureaucracy should dictate where and how people live,” Trump and Carson wrote. “We believe the suburbs offer a wonderful life for Americans of all races and backgrounds when they are allowed to grow organically, from the bottom up. That’s how America’s suburbs are today—except those that have already been ruined by poor planning and policies.”

The pair warned that a vote for Joe Biden is a vote for the return of these destructive policies.

“The Biden-Sanders unity platform calls for reimposing the Obama-Biden dystopian vision of building low-income housing units next to your suburban house,” they wrote. “Some leading Democrats want to go even further. Sen. Cory Booker and Rep. James Clyburn have introduced a bill that would hold hostage more than $12 billion in federal grants to states for safe roads unless local politicians agree to densify the suburbs. As far as the White House is concerned, this bill is dead on arrival.”

It may seem like a low-stakes decision to let a milquetoast, “normal” president like Biden take the wheel for four years, but it is anything but. To let the radicals who surround Biden and who populate Congress even a moment of power is to invite a generation’s worth of misery – for the country as a whole, and for your immediate neighborhood specifically. Hopefully, they won’t get the chance.

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