Trump Campaign: Biden Won’t Do Anything to Stop Wave of Crime

In a blistering release on Monday, the Trump Campaign told supporters that Joe Biden isn’t kidding when he says he’s going to “transform the nation.” Indeed, the campaign warned that Americans could get a sneak preview of exactly what Biden means with that phrase by simply taking a look around at the crime, rioting, and violence that has been allowed to go unchecked in major cities from coast to coast.

“Americans got a taste this weekend of what Joe Biden meant when he promised to ‘transform the nation.’ In the face of left-wing rioters, anti-American mobs, and tragic deaths in Democrat-run cities, Biden did nothing. Instead, his Fourth of July message seemed to side with the far-left fascists desecrating monuments, tearing down statues, and burning American flags,” warned the campaign.

After running down some of the most heinous shootings and crimes waves that accompanied this bloody weekend, the campaign noted that Biden had thrown his lot in with the Democrat leaders who have allowed this violence to go unchecked.

“Biden couldn’t even muster up the courage to speak out against the murders of children like Natalie Wallace, Davon McNeal, and Secoriea Turner, so it’s no surprise that he is too weak to condemn the rioters who burned American flags and tore down statues, including one of Black abolitionist Frederick Douglass. Biden even failed to comment after his potential VP pick, Tammy Duckworth, said she’s open to tearing down statues of George Washington,” the campaign said.

“There’s no need to guess what Biden means by ‘transform the nation,” the release concluded. “The consequences of his policies are unfolding right now in Democrat-run cities across the country. President Trump is standing up for law and order and public safety, and fighting to protect Black lives.”

Ah, but we have it on good authority from The Dumbest Man on Television, Don Lemon, that Black Lives Matter isn’t actually concerned with protecting black lives! In a contentious interview with “America’s Got Talent” host Terry Crews on Monday, Lemon confirmed that BLM is ONLY concerned with black people who die at the hands of the cops. Indeed, he invited Crews to start his own separate movement if he’s really concerned with ALL black lives, and not just those taken by the police.

So now we know that not only is “All Lives Matter” an unacceptable phrase, “All Black Lives Matter” is also inaccurate.

And these leftists act all surprised when we don’t take their group names at face value…

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