Trump DOJ: No More Use of the PC Term “Undocumented Immigrant”

A recent survey of the most important issues on the minds of voters these days shows that immigration tops the list. And this administration knows, above all else, that you can’t have a serious discussion about an issue if you’re not even permitted to use the right terminology. Perhaps that’s why the Justice Department has issued a memorandum instructing its lawyers to stop using the made-up, PC term “undocumented immigrant.” Attorney General Jeff Sessions has reportedly told DOJ attorneys to use the same language found in U.S. Code, which is “illegal alien.”

Oh man, the left is going to HATE this.

In the email, DOJ officials are further instructed to refer to immigrants using their country of origin rather than pretend for the sake of political correctness that they are a citizen.

“If an alien is legally present in the US, or that alien’s legal status in the US is unknown, unclear, or absent from the public record at the time a press release is being issued, it is appropriate to describe their country of citizenship, such as ‘Canadian National Convicted of Human Trafficking,’” the email states. “They should be described according to their citizenship, not their city or state of residence. For instance, ‘a Honduran citizen residing in Toledo,’ is correct. ‘Toledo Man’ doesn’t accurately describe his residency.”

As CNN, Splinter, The Daily Beast, and every other left-wing publication points out (as if it matters), the Associated Press updated their style guide a couple of years ago to recommend that journalists use the “undocumented immigrant” phrasing. This change reflected the protest signs everyone has seen: No Human Being is Illegal, etc., etc., cry us a river.

The problem, of course, is that no one is referring to a “person” as “illegal,” as if their very existence is somehow an affront to the law. That’s the kind of ridiculous doublethink that only a bleeding-heart liberal with nothing to do all day but think about oppression could come up with. “Illegal alien” or “illegal immigrant,” is an important characterization that not only describes the individual’s residential status with perfect clarity but maintains fidelity to the fact that what they did IS ILLEGAL! Sorry, but “undocumented” just doesn’t get that across.

Which, of course, the Democrats and pro-immigration activists already know. This change didn’t happen accidentally and it certainly didn’t happen so we could spare anyone’s feelings. It was changed because changing the language is the first step towards changing the law. Swapping out one term for another may seem trivial, but in terms of social psychology, it matters. It matters a lot.

Tell you what, this is feeling more and more like the America we know and love every day.

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