Trump Enacts Rule That Could Slash Immigration Rates By 50%

Read these amazing opening paragraphs from Reuters about a new policy being put into effect by the Trump administration:

President Donald Trump’s administration unveiled a sweeping rule on Monday that some experts say could cut legal immigration in half by denying visas and permanent residency to hundreds of thousands of people for being too poor.

The long-anticipated rule, pushed by Trump’s leading aide on immigration, Stephen Miller, takes effect Oct. 15. It would reject applicants for temporary or permanent visas if they fail to meet high enough income standards or if they receive public assistance such as welfare, food stamps, public housing or Medicaid.

“The Trump administration is trying to bypass Congress and implement its own merit based-immigration system. It’s really a backdoor way of prohibiting low-income people from immigrating,” said Charles Wheeler of the Catholic Legal Immigration Network Inc.

This rule is the latest in a never-ending series of MONSTROUS THINGS THE EVIL DONALD TRUMP IS DOING. Can you imagine? Directly going after poor, downtrodden immigrants in this way? Why, the horror boggles the mind!

Except, not really. It wasn’t that many years ago that you would have struggled to find a politician on either side of the aisle willing to come out and publicly criticize a rule meant to protect American taxpayers from having to pay immigrants to live here. They wouldn’t DARE. Now, they might fight such a bill behind closed doors. They might come up with all kinds of ancillary excuses to oppose such an administrative rule. But criticize the president for trying to save the American welfare system for…American citizens? No, they wouldn’t do that.

But times have changed, and it’s now perfectly acceptable on the left to see a president trying to cut down on the amount of Medicaid, welfare, and food stamps going towards immigrants…and actually think there’s something wrong about that. Something evil.

“This news is a cruel new step toward weaponizing programs that are intended to help people by making them, instead, a means of separating families and sending immigrants and communities of color one message: You are not welcome here,” said Marielena Hincapié, the executive director of the National Immigration Law Center.

Nonsense. The message, as clear as it can be, is: If you are coming to the U.S. with the intention of soaking up public benefits instead of contributing to our country, you are not welcome here.

Sorry, but that’s a message we can get behind.

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