Trump: If Schools Use 1619 Project, “They Will Not Be Funded!”

In some of his most direct remarks yet about The New York Times’ 1619 Project, President Trump warned Sunday that his administration would withhold federal funding from school districts that implement the racist, un-American curriculum in the classroom. The Project, which originated as a journalistic “reframing” of American history through the lens of slavery and black oppression, has been adopted by some school districts as an actual history lesson. This, despite the fact that many historians have criticized the Project as being factually incorrect.

“Department of Education is looking at this. If so, they will not be funded!” Trump tweeted.

Trump’s criticism of the 1619 Project comes as little surprise, given how he has spoken about efforts to reimagine history over the last month or so. He launched into a damning criticism of leftist public school indoctrination at his July 4th speech in front of Mount Rushmore, and he also touched on the problem last week in his RNC speech accepting the Republican nomination.

“Americans are exhausted, trying to keep up with the latest lists of approved words and phrases, and the ever more restrictive political decrees. Many things have a different name now, and the rules are constantly changing,” Trump said at the RNC. “We want our sons and daughters to know the truth. America is the greatest and most exceptional nation in the history of the world. Our country wasn’t built by cancel culture, speech codes, and crushing conformity. We are not a nation of timid spirits.”

The tweet also comes hot on the heels of a memo sent out on Friday night, effectively abolishing “critical race theory” trainings throughout the federal government. Penned by Office of Management and Budget Director Russell Vought, the memo slammed the trainings as being full of “un-American propaganda” that accomplish nothing other than widening the racial divide and causing workers to feel uncomfortable in their own skin. Vought said that the new policy banning the trainings came straight from the Oval Office.

The facts are clear at the end of the day: Joe Biden and Kamala Harris want to lead our country further down this racial divide while President Trump wants to bring us back from the edge. The Democrats want to pretend that “white privilege” and systemic racism are facts rather than the thinly-sourced academic theories that they are. Trump wants to get rid of all this crap and restore a sense of unity and American pride in schools, in the workplace, and in the public sector.

Can Trump fight “wokeness” all by himself? Of course not. But at least he can refrain from actively supporting it.

That’s a hell of a lot more than we can expect from Biden.

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