Trump, Jr. Irritates Liberals With Skittles Tweet

America’s liberals rushed to see who could “care more” about Syrian refugees this week after Donald Trump, Jr. posted a meme comparing the refugees with a popular type of candy.

The meme, which had the Trump/Pence logo at the bottom of the picture, showed a bowl of Skittles. The text read: If I had a bowl of Skittles and I told you just three would kill you, would you take a handful? That’s our Syrian refugee problem.

Don Jr. added his own commentary, saying: “This image says it all. Let’s end the politically correct agenda that doesn’t put America first.”

The outrage machine, starved for anything good and juicy, nearly threw its gears as America’s top liberal commentators fought to prove which of them was most offended by the tweet.

“This is disgusting,” said Hillary Clinton’s press secretary, Nick Merrill.

“Thankfully my grandfather was allowed into this country and not compared to a poisonous skittle,” said Clinton spokesman Josh Schwerin.

“Man, the rancid apple does not fall far from the tree,” said singer John Legend.

Skittles, the company, was quick to distance themselves from the (fake) controversy. In a statement, Wrigley Americas said, “Skittles are candy. Refugees are people. We don’t feel it’s an appropriate analogy.”

No word yet on whether or not Don Jr. was, at any point, confused about the difference between candy and people. Somehow, we doubt it.

Nor is anyone else on the planet confused about what Don Jr. was getting at. He wasn’t trying to say that Syrian refugees are no more important than a bowl of Skittles. Who thinks that? No one. Not CNN, not Hillary Clinton, not Don Jr., and not John Legend. This is just one more obvious attempt to stop the Trump fire before it turns the Obama legacy into kindling.

Using Skittles may have been unwise, politically speaking, but the point remains sound. A candy factory has certain safeguards in place to make sure that there aren’t three deadly Skittles in every bowl. If we learned that was no longer the case, would we keep buying them?

We might, if the president of the company kept telling us there was nothing to worry about.

That’s what liberals don’t want to talk about. And they’re happy to use any excuse in the book to keep that topic off the table.

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