Trump Protesters Bought and Paid For

A report from the Daily Caller sheds light on what many have suspected for weeks now: the angry anti-Trump protesters that have made every attempt to stop him from holding his rallies? Yeah, they are bought and paid for by liberal organizations.

From the Daily Caller:

This free speech-busting goon squad operation is directed by supporters of Hillary Clinton. It is paid for mostly by George Soros and and pushed by David Brock at Media Matters for America. It’s also funded by reclusive billionaire Jonathan Lewis, who was identified by the Miami New Times as a “mystery man.” He inherited roughly a billion dollars from his father Peter Lewis (founder of Progressive Insurance Company).

The reporter had the chance to speak to the protesters who swarmed on Trump Tower last Sunday. “Infiltrating the crowd,” he writes, “I learned most were from MoveOn or the Occupy movement. Soap was definitely in short supply in this crowd. Several admitted answering a Craig’s list ad paying $16.00 an hour for protesters.”

Now, it’s unlikely that every single protester in Chicago, Arizona, New York, and elsewhere is a paid shill that finally found a job they could sink their teeth into. Some of them are genuine lunatics, driven mad by the media, who think that a President Trump would mean the end of western civilization as we know it. That’s something these loons would normally be interested in, but Trump’s future doesn’t hold the glorious promise of a liberal utopia on the other end of the revolution. In Trump’s America, people will still have to work. So yeah, they’re not into that.

But it’s interesting how none of this gets any coverage from the mainstream media. These are the same people who couldn’t wait to point out the rich donors pumping money into the Tea Party movement. But when it comes to Occupy Wall Street, Iraq War protests, or the anti-Trump movement, the narrative is preserved. These are grassroots activists who simply cannot take it anymore! And don’t even bring up Black Lives Matter, the fakest, top-down “grassroots” movement in modern history.

The media sees Trump as more than a menace to the Democrats; they see him as a menace to their power. They’ve spent the last eight months vilifying him relentlessly, and they don’t understand why none of it’s sticking. So they are now hoping that by following the Ferguson template of coverage, they can defeat this dragon of their own partial creation. Only problem: You can fool us once. Maybe twice. We’re wiser now. And we are finally, thankfully, mercifully done letting the liberal media choose our candidates for us.

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