Trump Targets Deadly Gang, Liberals Call Him Racist

Every day, the left proves anew how little they have in common with the values and norms cherished in traditional American society. This is a group of people (smaller than they appear) who think it is heroic to be a criminal and ghastly to wear the uniform of the police officer. They believe it is a matter of original sin to be born a man, a white person, a “cisgender.” Their whole motive is to overturn Western civilization, no matter what kind of rhetorical nonsense must be believed and propagated in order for that to happen. Their purpose is destruction, and – up until November 2016 – they were doing a damn fine job of it.

But Trump’s election didn’t eradicate this loathsome tumor on the body politic. And every day, Trump’s enemies show just how radical they really are. For the latest evidence, look at the way they have responded to the president’s speech to police in Long Island last week. No, forget about the hysteria over Trump’s joke about “police brutality.” That was an example of the left overextending their reach and immediately looking foolish because of it. Instead, let’s talk about the far more serious reaction to Trump’s main focus of the visit: the elimination of the deadly MS-13 gang that is terrorizing cities in New York and elsewhere. Did you know that this focus…is actually…racist?

Let CNN’s Margaret Hoover (who actually purports to be a Republican – ha!) tell you all about it.

“While Trump was there to highlight the existence of criminal gangs,” Hoover said on Anderson Cooper 360, “what he was actually doing was highlighting the existence of a criminal gang that is South American – El Salvadorian.”

Mmmhmm, true, true.

Hoover, of course, attributes a sinister motive to that.

“There is a political move here to highlight people who aren’t white – minorities – and to feed part of this really white nationalist, political support of Donald Trump,” she said. “And this overstates what the real problem is.”

Hoover wasn’t the only liberal idiot (and yes, if you’re defending the likes of MS-13, you’re a liberal, regardless of which party you pretend to identify with) who picked up on this argument.

“Trump wasn’t just connecting immigrants with violent crime,” wrote Slate’s Jamelle Bouie. “He was using an outright racist trope: that of the violent, sadistic black or brown criminal, preying on innocent (usually white) women.”

Apparently the message is: Hey, turkeys, there are still racist white people in America, so we should just leave dangerous Central American gangs alone until we’ve erased every prejudiced thought from every white person’s mind.

Or maybe it’s just that, as long as one man is white and the subject of his criticism isn’t, the white person is always wrong?

Or maybe it’s useless to look for logic. These pathetic commentators have found a way to create racial, sexual, and even national division in every single issue that arises, so it’s no surprise that they’ve found it here. All we can say is that if Democrats want to identify themselves as the party of transgender soldiers, illegal immigrants, and El Salvadorian street gangs, they’re welcome to it. See you at the polls, folks.

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