Trump: “They’re Not Protesters, They’re Agitators and Anarchists”

In an interview with Fox News’s John Roberts in the hours leading up to his comeback rally in Tulsa, President Donald Trump addressed a number of subjects, including the Supreme Court ruling on DACA two days earlier. Trump noted that while the court ruled against the administration, forbidding the executive order ending the program, a close reading of the opinion revealed that it would not take much to reverse the ruling. Seeing as how the court ruled against the Department of Homeland Security based solely on the procedural details of the DACA reversal, Trump said the administration would go forward with a new filing immediately.

“We’re going to refile,” the president said. “Because basically, we won.”

Asked if that refiling would happen before November, Trump confirmed the timeline.

“I will. And I hope we can go directly to the Supreme Court. Maybe we can’t. But if you read the opinion, we won. But we have to refile and everything is going to work out for DACA,” he explained. “Yeah. We’re going to refile and probably pretty soon. Everything’s going to work out for DACA and the young people.”

Trump also addressed the impending rally, praising those who had come out to brave the protesters outside the arena and the media hysteria over COVID-19.

“That’s why I’m here, people want to do it,” he said. “We had a lot of protesters that were nasty outside. I think the police did a very good job, but we had a lot of nasty protesters throwing things and screaming. They’re disgraceful. They’re a disgrace to our country. And that’s the game they want to play. I think we’re going to do really well. The campaign’s starting. These folks that showed up tonight — they’re amazing people.

“There is a risk but there’s also something of a tiny, little percentage have a problem with it,” Trump said of the coronavirus. “You build up immunity and we have to get our country back. We can’t keep doing this. We could stay out for five years. I’m sure that would make China very happy… we have to get going. We have to get our country back.”

Trump then returned to the issue of the protesters who were trying to intimidate his supporters.

“We have to do rallies, that’s what we do well… and then we were greeted with all of these wise guys. They call them protesters. They’re not protesters. They’re agitators and they’re anarchists, and they wear the black. They think they’re hot stuff. And they’re nothing. They’re nothing… These protests are all paid protests… I see them pulling down monuments. They don’t even know what monument it is for the most part. They pulled one down to Gandhi,” he said.

Some on the left will undoubtedly find Trump’s words disrespectful, and that’s fine. As long as they know that Trump’s take on these hooligans is right in line with how the majority of Americans view them.

But hey, if the media and Biden want to side with these thugs, more power to them. Let us know how that works out for you in November.

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