Trump Threatens Again to Shut Down Government for Border Wall

President Donald Trump has threatened several times to force the government into a shutdown if he does not get the funding he needs to build the Wall, but so far, lawmakers have convinced him to stay his veto pen and keep the wheels of spending greased and rolling. Whether that will hold true yet again remains to be seen, but the president once again mused on the possibility of a partial shutdown on Saturday.

“Probably if I was ever going to do a shutdown on border security, when you look at the caravans, when you look at the mess, when you look at the people coming in, this would be a very good time to do a shutdown,” Trump told reporters. “I don’t think it’s going to be necessary because I think the Democrats will come to their senses.”

Trump wants Congress to come up with $5 billion for the wall and additional border security funding.

Most of the federal government is already funded through the end of the year, but the budget for the Department of Homeland Security will expire on December 7. This is what Democrats and Republicans must come to an agreement on in the coming weeks if we’re to avoid a partial shutdown. Republican leaders on Capitol Hill are once again urging President Trump to avoid such an event, even though they promised the wall would come up for debate after the midterms were over.

“We had a good discussion about funding the government and the other year-end items, and we’re optimistic we’re going to be able to get that done,” said Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell after meeting with the president at the White House this week.

In remarks to reporters on Wednesday, Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) said that lawmakers would prefer to stick with the immigration legislation already in place.

“The Democrats and Republicans came to the $1.6 billion agreement,” he said. “It is tough security. It is sensors. It is drones. It is roads. It is help at the border in a far more effective way than the wall. We believe Democrats and Republicans should stick with their agreement and not let President Trump interfere. Every time he interferes, it gets bolloxed up.”

Well, the problem with that is: The American people didn’t vote Trump into the White House on promises of sensors and drones. We wanted a wall and we damn well deserve to see what we voted for come to fruition. Your sensors and drones are not going to do anything about the immigration crisis we currently have at the border. Your roads are not going to help stop these caravans and drug cartels. We need serious solutions, and it’s clear that Democrats are not going to come up with them.

Nor are Republicans willing to fight for them.

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