Trump UNLOADS on Media’s Coverage of Charlottesville

In a rollicking rally in Phoenix, AZ on Tuesday, President Donald Trump was back in his purest, campaign/fiery form, taking shots at disloyal Republicans, obstructionist Democrats, and everyone in between. But in a hour+ long speech that covered a wide array of topics in front of an enormous crowd of supporters, Trump saved his greatest ire for what could easily be termed the arch-enemy of his presidency: The mainstream media.

In particular, Trump used the venue to speak out against the media’s coverage of his Charlottesville response. Having heard enough “Trump is a racist Nazi sympathizer” pundits to last him a lifetime, the president blasted the media for refusing to acknowledge how forcefully he denounced the white supremacists who rallied in Virginia last weekend.

“Did they report that I said that racism is evil?” Trump asked. “You know why? Because they are very dishonest people.”

As the crowd chanted “CNN sucks,” Trump resumed the lashing.

“These are sick people,” he said, waving to the press pool at the back of the arena. “You know the thing I don’t understand? You would think they’d want to make our country great again. And I honestly believe they don’t.”

Oh, they definitely don’t. Or, to put it more accurately, they think it’s impossible. Not because the goal is too lofty, but because they don’t believe America ever HAS been great. To them, it came closest under the presidency of Barack Obama. You know, because he was black. And a Democrat. And that combines to form the mighty sword of JUSTICE in the eyes of the liberal media, and nothing else really matters. Now that this country had the poor taste to go from a black Democrat to a white Republican, the media has decided that the entire thing is a lost cause. And they’re looking everywhere for something on which to blame the decline. If all else fails, blame Russia.

These hooligans convinced themselves on the NIGHT of the election, when it was clear that things weren’t going to turn out the way they’d hoped, that this was a “whitelash.” A big, fat surge of intense racism from white Americans who just couldn’t stand the fact that a black man had sat in the people’s house for eight years. And so when the thing when down in Charlottesville, they treated it like an extension of election night. Vote for Trump, next thing you know, we see Nazis waving torches in the streets. Trump could have executed a white supremacist on live television and it wouldn’t have been enough. To them, those morons in Charlottesville ARE Trump’s base. Nothing else could possibly explain this dreadful reality.

Where this presidency goes from here, we can’t know. But even if Trump crashes and burns, he’s done this country an enormous service by bringing to light the lies and biases of the media. Never again will the liberal press be able to pull the wool completely over the eyes of the American public.

That’s a huge accomplishment, all on its own.

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