Tucker: Dems Are Using Biden as a Safe Shield to Hide Their True Nature

On his program Friday, Fox News host Tucker Carlson said that Joe Biden is the perfect presidential candidate to allow Democrats to hide the true, aggressive, radical nature of the modern American left. Carlson said that Biden’s convention speech was so out of sync with some of the other Democratic speakers that it revealed a latent strategy on the part of the party: Put the “safe,” milquetoast Biden out front while pushing forward the machinery of extremism behind the scenes.

Well, and let’s face it, not-so-behind-the-scenes, as well.

“He is fading,” Carlson said of the former vice president. “That’s not a partisan point. It’s not intended to be cruel. It’s true. Seventy-seven- year-olds generally are not meant to lead large countries, 77 is not the prime of life, and it is old age. Vigor declines over the course of a lifetime, particularly in men. Joe Biden has grown weak. That’s why we don’t take him seriously.

“But as it turns out, there’s another way to look at Joe Biden’s decline,” Carlson continued. “It’s a perspective that hasn’t occurred to most Republicans. But clearly, it’s at the center of the Democrats’ election strategy. Yes, Joe Biden is slowing down. For 50 years, he couldn’t stop talking; now, he has trouble starting sentences. He forgets words. He misnames states. Occasionally, he mistakes his sister for his wife. So yes, Joe Biden has gotten a little daffy, but for that very reason, he is not going to hurt you. There’s nothing threatening about him. He’s not aggressive or overly ambitious.”

Carlson said that this genial, “good ol’ Uncle Joe” performance at the top of the ticket gives Democrats the perfect shield against their more sinister goals.

“In a time of chaos and shouting, it might be comforting to be led by a man who talks about record players and wears slippers with the socks attached,” he mused. “That’s the actual message, the subtext of the Biden campaign. No one in the Democratic Party will say it out loud, no one ever will. But Biden’s handlers understand that his punchiness could be his biggest asset.”

This is an interesting argument. We’re not sure how seriously to take it. While we are quite certain that the party is consciously benefiting from Joe’s fake “moderate, bipartisan” appeal, we’re not entirely certain about the rest. That…may be giving them more credit than they deserve. If Joe gets up there at the debate and gets exposed as senile and out-of-touch, there’s no 3D-chess strategy that will help Democrats recover.

But then, that brings us to another point, which is whether or not conservatives are overplaying their hand when it comes to Biden’s supposed “dementia.” The bar has been lowered to the point now that if Americans tune into the debate and see a guy who is even halfway lucid, Biden will win hands down. One of the biggest arguments against him will crumble.

It might be wise to go easy on the “he’s out to lunch” taunts until after the first debate, for that reason alone.

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