Uh-Oh: 38% of Voters Believe Joe Biden Suffers From Dementia

Only days after Joe Biden said, in ludicrous fashion, that the coronavirus has killed 120 million people around the world, voters are beginning to seriously wonder if something is wrong with the former vice president. In a new poll that portends doom for Biden’s presidential aspirations, a full 38% of voters believe that he suffers from “some form of dementia.”

A new survey from Rasmussen Reports asked likely voters: “From what you have seen and read, do you believe Joe Biden is suffering from some form of dementia?”

38% of voters said they do believe he has a degenerative mental disorder. Perhaps even more damningly, this includes 20% of Democrats. “That compares,” Rasmussen reported, “to 66% of Republicans and 30% of voters not affiliated with either major party.”

Now, an objective assessment of a candidate’s mental fitness would not seem to easily align with party identification, but we’re not surprised to see it divided that way. First of all, everything is divided that way these days. Second, Democrats are unlikely to be exposed to the same videos and articles that Republicans see regularly. Certainly, the mainstream media has done everything possible to cover for Biden’s obvious mental decline. Knowing that, it’s even more extraordinary that the numbers look like this.

That’s not the end of the bad news for ol’ Joe. The poll also revealed that a majority of likely voters – 61% – think Biden should address the dementia issue in a public statement. 41% think it’s “very important” that he do so. Only 36% think it’s not an important issue requiring a public reckoning. We assume these are voters who have not yet heard a recent Joe Biden speech.

As Breitbart reports, this isn’t the first survey to cast doubts on how voters are looking at Biden’s mental health. A recent Restoration PAC poll of Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin found that many voters do not feel that Joe is “up to the task mentally and physically to handle the duties of president of the United States.”:

Slightly over 50 percent of Michigan voters said “yes,” Biden is up to the task. However, 40.2 percent said “no,” and another 9.5 percent indicated that they were “undecided” on the matter. Similarly, 50 percent of respondents in Wisconsin expressed confidence in Biden, while 42.2 percent said “no” and 7.8 percent remained undecided.

Pennsylvania voters expressed similar sentiments. Only 48.7 percent said Biden was up to the task both mentally and physically, compared to 45 percent who said “no” and 6.3 percent who remained unsure. Across the board, the results are virtually split between those who definitively say Biden is mentally and physically able to handle the presidency and those who said “no” and remain uncertain.

Biden is eventually going to have to come out of his basement and go before the cameras, unscripted and unedited. His performances in the Democratic debates were odd, to say the least. The more this guy speaks, the more questions arise about his mental fitness. And it seems that voters are beginning to notice that something is very wrong.

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