Washington Post Fake News Story Torn to Shreds by…The Huffington Post!

You will probably recall that, just a few weeks ago, the Washington Post tried to embroil the Trump administration in yet another scandal. This one had all the hallmarks of a good old left-wing Trump Roast: It has racism, immigrants, abuse of power, white privilege, and all those other goodies that get the elitist set drooling in their bibs. According to the story, which spread like wildfire throughout the mainstream media and the leftist blogs, the Trump administration was rejecting passports and actually revoking American birth certificates from immigrants they determined were delivered by midwives rather than doctors.

From the Post’s expose:

The Trump administration is accusing hundreds, and possibly thousands, of Hispanics along the border of using fraudulent birth certificates since they were babies, and it is undertaking a widespread crackdown.

Under President Trump, the passport denials and revocations appear to be surging, becoming part of a broader interrogation into the citizenship of people who have lived, voted and worked in the United States for their entire lives.

“We’re seeing these kind of cases skyrocketing,” said Jennifer Correro, an attorney in Houston who is defending dozens of people who have been denied passports.

The report sent the left into a predictable tizzy, but there was one liberal news blog that actually resisted the temptation to blindly believe what the Washington Post was reported. And since it isn’t often that we can actually give due credit to the Huffington Post, we’re pleasantly surprised to pat them on the back and say, “Job well done.” In this era of fake news, the heroes of journalism will apparently come from the most unexpected corners of the internet.

“A Washington Post story alleged that Donald Trump’s administration is increasingly scrutinizing birth certificates signed by some midwives, but State Department data contradicts that claim,” HuffPost reported this week. “The paper cited a number of specific policies to support its allegation of a crackdown: supposedly heightened scrutiny of birth certificates signed by midwives suspected of peddling fraudulent documents, supposedly unprecedented passport denials to people born far from the border, and a supposedly new focus on babies delivered by one Texas doctor.

“All three practices predate Trump,” they confirmed.

In fact, the blog went on to note, passport denials under the Trump presidency have “steadily dropped, from a peak of 1,465 in 2015 to 971 last year.”

Huh. Gee, who was president in 2015 again?

We knew the Washington Post was getting bad, but when you’re getting your anti-Trump “journalism” fact-checked by a left-wing rag like Huffington Post, it’s time to do some serious re-evaluations.


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