Where’s the Media Outrage Over Streisand’s Violent Anti-Trump Cartoon?

Not a week removed from the media’s hysterical overreaction to a video showing “Donald Trump” massacring people in a church – a meme-ish take on a scene from Kingsman: The Secret Service – and we’re hearing nary a peep from anyone about the gory cartoon Barbra Streisand shared, depicting President Trump impaled on the stiletto heel of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

A trail of blood leaks from the president’s eviscerated corpse, but apparently this allusion to assassination is just fine, seeing as how the victim is the evil, noxious Republican Trump. Liberals continue to amuse us with their situational morals. Or maybe pretend violence is only wrong when the targets are “journalists.” Quotes definitely needed, these days.

Here’s the cartoon, posted on Twitter by Streisand on Saturday:

Trump-supporting duo Diamond and Silk suggested that it might be time for the Secret Service to look into some of the president’s unhinged Hollywood detractors.

“Secret Service needs to pay a visit to Tom Arnold and Barbra Streisand,” they wrote. “These undercover threats that echo innuendos of harming the POTUS will not and should not be tolerated! These people are not only disgusting but they are sick and need to be evaluated ASAP!”

Because of all of the hullabaloo that accompanied the video playing to an empty room at Trump’s Doral hotel last weekend, we don’t really need to “imagine” how the left would react to a cartoon like this aimed at Pelosi or anyone else under the umbrella of Democratic protection. But still, just think about it. Just think about the tear-stained op-eds from The New York Times if Trump were to post a cartoon depicting Obama’s bloated, bloody corpse underneath a huge shoe labeled TRUMP. The frenzy would be immediate and unending. With this? Crickets.

“Looking forward to the media outrage like when someone shared a cartoon meme to 8 people depicting media violence. But seriously, who are we kidding? Their outrage only flows one way,” tweeted Donald Trump Jr., hitting the nail on the head.

This is, of course, because it’s phony outrage in the first place. It’s a tool, used to smear anyone right of Chuck Schumer as a horrible Nazi fascist who deserves to be dumped on an isolated island in the Pacific Ocean. For as much as the left talks about dehumanization techniques and “othering,” they have perfected the art of using these tactics against conservatives.

And they are right about the consequences – it will have an ugly, violent effect, sooner than later. Protesters outside Trump’s Minneapolis rally last week already gave us a glimpse of that potential. And as we head into next year’s election, we have a terrible certainty that things will only get worse on that front. People like Streisand, perhaps unwittingly, are setting the table for this bloody feast.

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