Why Are Democrats Obstructing President Trump’s Federal Nominees?

White House spokesmen said on Monday that President Trump would not hesitate to withhold summer vacation from the legislators in Congress if they didn’t straighten up, fly right, and start confirming some of his executive branch nominees. Director of Legislative Affairs Marc Short said, “The president has every right to call Congress back if necessary,” and the president himself said on Twitter that it was an outrage to see his picks held up by obstructionist Democrats.

“The Senate Democrats have only confirmed 48 of 197 Presidential Nominees,” Trump wrote on Tuesday. “They can’t win so all they do is slow things down & obstruct!”

Trump’s figures are apparently accurate, as Democrats have used their filibuster on some 90% of the president’s nominees. According to the White House, this is a far cry from the way Republicans treated Obama’s picks; only 10% were met with obstruction in 2009. And yet the media did not hesitate to slap the party with the “obstructionist” label, a term they have used sparingly – if at all – when it comes to the Democrats.

For their part, Democrats have every excuse in the book when asked why they are failing to confirm so many of the president’s picks. On one day, they’re blaming the executive branch for paperwork mishaps. The next day, they’re talking about the Russian collusion scandal, as if that has anything to do with their duty to advise and consent. These days, some of them are even using the Republican healthcare bill to justify their obstruction. By the end of the summer, they’ll be telling reporters that – due to climate change – it’s simply too HOT for them to stay in session and confirm President Trump’s nominees.

Their inaction has tangible effects on the federal government. For one, it slows down the gears, and that’s hardly something our already-molasses-thick government needs right now. For another thing, it allows more of Obama’s loyalists to stay in power and thwart the president’s agenda. And you can bet that these are benefits when you ask Chuck Schumer about the obstruction. If they have anything to say about it, they’ll prevent Trump from doing anything for the American people between now and 2020. They would rather close it all down than to see him make any progress whatsoever on the agenda we voted for in November.

Perhaps then, when the next spending bill comes around, the Republicans should just call their bluff.

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