Will the NeverBiden Movement Sink Uncle Joe’s Chances in November?

Bernie Sanders’ rabid young supporters didn’t bother showing up to vote for their candidate on Super Tuesday, but they are busy blaming the DNC, the “establishment,” and every other mysterious political force they can dream up for their misfortunes.

In addition to glumly filling up message boards and subreddits with their collective misery, some of them have decided that they’re done with the Democratic Party altogether. The day after Biden won another round of primaries on Tuesday, hashtags like #NeverBiden began trending on Facebook. Will these aggrieved Bernie Bros keep Joe Biden from having any chance of defeating President Donald Trump in the fall?

“If you distrust something, you are more likely to opt out of it,” Rashawn Ray of the Brookings Institute told the UK’s Guardian newspaper. “They think it’s political sabotage, and not allowing Bernie to have a fair shot. So what do people do? They opt out.”

In an interview with Politico, writer Alyson Metzger said that the mainstream forces of the Democratic Party had done little to win over disgruntled progressives who were hoping for the Great Revolution.

“The rationale for us,” she said, “is that our votes need to be earned and that we’ve been taken for granted, and that the party never moves to us. If they install Joe Biden, I will not vote for Biden. This is not democratic what’s happening in the Democratic primary.”

Imagine thinking that the Democratic Party hasn’t moved dramatically to the left over the last four years. Imagine thinking, simultaneously, that there’s something undemocratic about more people voting for the other guy. If your average Democrat is a bit of an intellectual dullard, Bernie Sanders supporters are still dragging their knuckles through the Pleistocene.

Politico also spoke to Evan Weber of the Sunrise Movement, a group you may remember from their staged climate change protest outside Nancy Pelosi’s office in early 2018.

“There’s lots of narratives about why Hillary Clinton lost the election, but one undeniable one is that she did not mobilize the young people who turned out for Obama in 2012 and especially 2008,” Weber said. “We hear a lot from pundits about Joe Biden being Obama’s vice president and him being able to recreate the Obama coalition, but one of the core and critical components of the coalition was young people.”

The perfect encapsulation of Bernie Bro intelligence: The guy destroying Sanders in the primaries is less electable than Sanders. At some point, doesn’t it cause you physical pain to twist your mind into these theoretical pretzels?

Look, we would be thrilled if all of these gung-ho socialists stayed home on the night of the election, don’t get us wrong. Judging by their attendance in the primaries, it’s a safe bet they will. Throw in the obvious downsides of Biden himself – the gaffes, the Ukraine controversy, his impromptu fights with would-be supporters – and things are looking pretty damn good for another four years of Trump.

The Democratic Party’s mistake wasn’t disenfranchising the far left, though; it was in baiting these fools in the first place. They are the architects of their own implosion, and it’s going to be fun to watch the destruction play out.

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