Woman Assaults Man Wearing MAGA Hat in Mexican Restaurant

A woman with an acute, late-stage case of Trump Derangement Syndrome has been charged with disorderly conduct and assault and battery after assaulting a man for wearing a Make America Great Again cap in Falmouth, Massachusetts. The woman, Rosiane Santos, 41, told the media that she was the true victim in the incident – even though the man, 23-year-old Bryton Turner, did absolutely nothing to provoke her. Other than wearing the hat, that is.

But that was enough for Santos, who said her status as a Brazilian immigrant was enough to put her in the right.

“I had a little bit to drink maybe that’s the reason that I couldn’t walk away but being discriminated for so many times in my life, I just had to stand up for myself,” she said. “He’s not a victim. I am the victim. I have been bullied, OK?”

These are the kinds of things you say when suffering from an advanced case of TDS. Things that make no sense whatsoever. Things that justify violence against supporters of the president. It’s sad, really. Sad!

The trouble began when Turner had the temerity to walk into Casa Vallarta wearing his MAGA cap. Santos saw this racist sin and decided to take matters into her own hands. She started screaming at the Trump supporter, telling him to remove his hat, which had no business being worn in a Mexican establishment. At one point, she actually came over and knocked the hat off his head, furious that he was not obeying her instructions.

In an interview, the bartender confirmed that Turner did nothing to provoke the woman. “No, no,” he said. “He just walked in and ordered his food.”

The police showed up soon after, and the woman insisted that because of The Wall, the man should not be allowed to eat in a Mexican restaurant. Yes, that is where these people are now. Wear a MAGA hat, get banned from a Mexican restaurant. Wear a MAGA hat, get screamed at in your local vape shop. Wear a MAGA hat, get turned into a national symbol for hatred and white supremacy by the lying media. It’s quite something, isn’t it?

Unbelievably, as Santos was being led out of the restaurant by the police, she actually reached over and took another swipe at Turner.

“She just tried to grab my hat in front of four officers, not smart,” Turner said in a video he filmed of the incident.

“Not smart.” Yeah, that just about says it all.

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