WSJ Columnist: Media Makes People Think Floyd Incidents Happen Every Day

In remarks to Fox News on Sunday, Wall Street Journal columnist Jason Riley said that police and law enforcement officers across the country were getting a bad rap in the wake of George Floyd’s death and the ensuing protests. Riley, who is himself African-American, argued that “blanket media coverage” of shocking interactions between police and black suspects has a tendency to convey a false narrative in the minds of the viewing public.

“What I’m a little concerned about is that a lot people out there protesting are doing so because they’re convinced that this happens all the time to black people every day,” said Riley. “That we walk around in fear of law enforcement treating us like this — and I don’t think that what I saw is representative of either police behavior or what black people go through on a daily basis.”

Riley said it was understandable for many Americans to believe that there has been a surge in police violence against innocent and/or unarmed black people, because that’s exactly how the media portrays the situation. He blamed this perception on “blanket media coverage when they happen because of social media and so forth —  but this does not mean that this is happening more often.”

“Those two things are not distinguished in much of the coverage,” he continued, “and I find that very disturbing. From all the data we have, police use of force has actually gone down considerably since the early 1970’s so these events happen less frequently and yet because when they do happen they get more attention, people have the opposite impression.

“My concern is that there’s going to be a pullback on the part of police in some of these communities in the aftermath of events like this,” he said, “and then these communities will not get the policing that they need and they deserve going forward, and then you’ll see more black lives lost as a result.”

The effort on the part of the liberal media and their cohorts in the Democratic Party to turn America against police (especially white police) is so obvious that you hardly even need an example. But since it just happened on MSNBC on Sunday, we might as well highlight this bit from Ali Velshi’s show.

Velshi spoke to Rep. Hank Johnson (D-GA), who blatantly lied to viewers about the supposed epidemic of blue-on-black violence.

“We are under constant threat of police excessive use of force and often times death,” Johnson said. “When you look at the statistics in this country of police shootings and police killings of civilians, even though we are 13 percent of the population in this country, we make up probably about half of the people who are killed every year by police. And it’s gotten to the point where our young people feel that they are in a state of war. They actually feel like it is open season on black people in this country, and the statistics bear that out.”

This is nonsense. Official studies of police and crime statistics show that black victims make up approximately 25% of those shot by police each year. This is precisely in line with their culpability in the number of crimes committed.

Which itself is a figure that neither the liberal media nor the Democratic Party wants to talk about. At all.

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