Yes, There’s Still a Biden-Ukraine Scandal

Perhaps in an attempt to draw attention away from Joe Biden’s worst gaffe of the campaign so far (“…you ain’t black”), the Washington Post editorial board decided that Saturday would be as good a time as ever to remind readers: “No, There’s Still No Biden-Ukraine Scandal.”

The editors were inspired to take up for Biden (and, well, their own lack of salient reporting on that very scandal) after audio recordings came out of Ukraine highlighting then-Vice President Biden’s pressure campaign on then-Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko. Biden was extremely interested in getting Poroshenko to fire prosecutor Viktor Skokin, who was of course knee-deep in an investigation of energy company Burisma…where Biden’s son Hunter had himself a cushy job on the board.

“Sen. Ron Johnson (R-Wis.), the chairman of the Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee, this week led his panel to authorize a subpoena of records related to Burisma and Hunter Biden, and he has said he wants to release a report on the matter before the election,” whined the editorial board.

“The subpoena target, a lobbying firm connected to Burisma, said no subpoena was necessary, as the company was willing to cooperate with Senate investigators,” the editorial continued. “Whether or not that is true, a subpoena was unnecessary also because there is no inkling that the former vice president did anything wrong, as even some Trump administration officials have testified. In fact, the substantial record, including the new audio, shows he was helping to fight corruption in Ukraine.

“It is perverse that Mr. Johnson and the Trump camp seek to warp that good turn into an election-year liability for Mr. Biden,” they concluded. “Their apparent lack of concern about the prospect of standing shoulder-to-shoulder with malign foreign actors is even more disgraceful.”

Nah. What is disgraceful is the way the media spent four solid years trying to turn the Russian collusion hoax into a thing without the slightest bit of evidence. No, we take that back. That had a little bit of evidence. They had rumor and innuendo. They had a badly-misconstrued Trump Tower meeting. They had their Big Fat Fake Dossier. And, of course, they had snakes like Adam Schiff promising that there was way more to the story than the public knew about. That turned out to be a brazen lie, but hey.

Is Biden guilty of using his position as Vice President to improperly pressure Poroshenko? Perhaps. Perhaps not. But if you’re going to completely clear Biden of this charge while pretending that Trump did something wrong in that phone call to Ukraine last year, you are an irredeemable partisan whose opinion can be discarded like yesterday’s birdcage liner. Congratulations, WaPo Editorial Board: This is now your legacy.

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